Clinton Township Roofing Contractors Advise Community On Shopping Online

Miller's Home Improvement, based in Clinton Township, MI, is urging their community to be cautious when looking for roofing materials on digital platforms. While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made online shopping more necessary for homeowners across the country, there is still the risk that they will come across inaccurate or misleading listings. The company hopes that their advice will help more people avoid bad suppliers and find businesses that offer reliable roofing products.

The latest communication on this subject from Miller’s Home Improvement comes in the form of a blog post, which interested readers may find on the company’s official website. According to the post, there are many roofing product suppliers and hardware outlets that have built online platforms that allow their customers to browse their inventory and make purchases without ever visiting a brick and mortar location. However, while products supplied through these platforms are generally as reliable as the store’s own reputation indicates, Miller’s Home Improvement cautions homeowners against giving less dedicated platforms the same level of trust.

The article observes that, “some homeowners in Corpus Christi TX are slowly finding seemingly great deals on asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and other roofing materials through general online marketplaces.” Products offered here often have great media attached to them, such as excellent photos of the supposed product and detailed information that the seller claims are accurate. The issue is that some sellers will make claims that either stretch the truth or verge on outright fraud. It is for this reason that the company encourages its community to work with known sellers — businesses that have a vested interest in maintaining customer satisfaction. Learn more here: Clinton Township Roofing Contractors.

The main difficulty with sourcing products from generalized platforms is that a material’s lifespan cannot be determined through pictures alone. “High-quality asphalt shingles from renowned manufacturers will last for 20-30 years,” says the article. “On the other hand, you can purchase a bundle of asphalt shingles from an unknown source online, and you’ll be surprised it looks just as high as your old asphalt shingle roof. That is until it starts to show extreme wear and tear by the end of three months.”

This does not mean that there is no relatively safe method for shopping in such a marketplace, however. Miller’s Home Improvement asserts that, just as dedicated sellers have an interest in maintaining high quality among their products, certain brands will still deliver well despite being on a different platform. Shoppers can sometimes ask third-party sellers about the product manufacturer’s background and their processes as well. As a precautionary measure, shoppers should check any and every product’s reviews before making a purchase as this will show how well the product was received by previous customers.

Customers may also look up reviews for Miller’s Home Improvement to gauge the quality of the company’s services as well as the durability of the materials they use in their construction projects. One such review from K. Whitley awards the company a full 5-star score for their services, explaining that, “Eric and his team at Miller's Home Improvement did an exceptional job replacing our entire roof, including a skylight. We solicited multiple quotes, ultimately choosing Miller's Home Improvement based on others' recommendations. Eric was timely and thorough in communicating before, during, and after the project. Minor issues were professionally discussed and quickly addressed. Cleanup was immaculate on both days of the project.”

A more recent review from J. Murphy holds the company in similarly high regard, stating, “They installed a new flat roof for us. Eric was great to work with. He went over the options and communicated as the job progressed. The job was done on time at the estimated price. I would recommend them as a quality roofing contractor.” Read the Miller's Home Improvement blog post on their website for more insights on shopping for roofing materials online.

More information regarding the company’s services can be found on their website as well. Customers are also welcome to reach out to Eric Miller of Miller's Home Improvement or connect online with the company’s social media platforms to follow up on any further inquiries.


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