Cleaning Specialist AC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Reveals the Importance of Keeping Carpets Clean

AC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a renowned, locally owned carpet cleaning service based in Stoke-on-Trent. In recent news, the company has revealed why it is so necessary to have carpets cleaned properly.

According to Adam Cooper who’s the leading cleaning expert behind the company’s success notes: “Keeping clean carpets has significant health benefits, especially in homes with young children. You must remember that some varieties of flooring is similar to a sponge. It will collect and absorb an array of soils over time and hold them deep within the fibres until safely extracted. Every step agitates the fibres and kicks loose soil particles into the air. Dust, bacteria, food, pet fur, chemical residues, and microorganisms are just some of the soils that can become airborne this way, and all can be a breathing hazard.”

AC Carpet Cleaners offer a variety of services that include the choice of the four leading cleaning methods currently being used by experts in the Industry.

Their cleaning methods include: Dry compound cleaning, Very low moisture cleaning, low moisture and hot water extraction. All of these methods can be applied to any materials from sofas and chairs cleaning, mattresses, mats and rugs, curtains, and car seats.

“Making us unique as we are able to adapt to any situation or requirements. We are fast becoming the leading local company of choice, Don’t settle for standard work or services that deserve to be nothing more than excellent this is your home and we treat it like our own with complete respect and just how we would like our home be treated and left! We understand this more than anything so we want the standard of work performed to the possible highest standards of our ability and that’s our promise!” commented Mr Cooper.

AC Carpet Cleaning has built up a large following of local residents and 5 star reputation to back up their claims of superior service. To read more about this cleaning company visit their website at .


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