Cleaning Company Steps up Services Amid The Increasing Demand for Expert Cleaners in Melbourne

Clean Group, a commercial cleaning company based in Melbourne ( ) and providing services in all major suburbs of Australia, is stepping up efforts amid the increasing demand for expert commercial cleaners with specialization in COVID disinfection & cleaning. In the past year or so, the company has almost doubled its cleaning staff, upgraded its services and launched a new website dedicated to its clients in Melbourne. It now has a dedicated team of COVID-19 cleaners and a full-time team of experienced commercial cleaners.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, almost all local businesses in Melbourne had to shut their doors. But, unexpectedly, the demand for cleaners was increasing. So, we remained open and continued to provide services to fellow businesses, helping them keep their premise clean and safe from the virus. Not just that, we also used this time to upgrade our skills, services and the team, and now we provide better services using a more efficient & experienced team of cleaners,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

Commercial Cleaning

Clean Group is reportedly one of the few cleaning companies in Melbourne that have been consistently providing cleaning services to businesses, even during the pandemic lockdown. As a full-service commercial cleaning company, it provides services to all types of commercial properties, including business premises like hospitals, offices, stores, schools, gyms and more.

The company now also provides the next-gen ‘COVID-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning’ service that covers the disinfection of likely infected services to get rid of viruses and germs.

Over the past year, the Clean Group Melbourne team has gone through a series of upgrades. Besides adding new, more experienced cleaners to the team, they started using cutting-edge cleaning technologies & tools such as iMop scrubber long before other cleaning companies.

Their current team of cleaners is arguably the best commercial cleaners team in Melbourne and also the most experienced. They have successfully completed hundreds of commercial cleaning projects for businesses in a variety of industries all over the city.

Clean Group provides commercial cleaning services in all suburbs of Melbourne. They have dedicated resources, vans, cleaners and cleaning supplies & equipment to take care of all types of professional cleaning jobs, big and small.

Their cleaners can be hired for a commercial cleaning project in any suburb of Melbourne at a nominal price, irrespective of the distance from the city. They bring their own tools and supplies and always get the work finished on time.

Moreover, they can also be hired for late-night or early-morning cleaning as well as for weekend cleaning of offices and other commercial properties in and around Melbourne.

“The cleaners at Clean Group are very professional. They always arrive on time and complete their job without disturbing my work in any way. If I have a question or suggestion, I can ask the cleaner directly and they humbly abide by it. Never once have I had a bad experience with their cleaning service. I gladly recommend them to others,” says a happy customer of Clean Group Melbourne.

This is a crucial time for local businesses who entertain a lot of customers regularly on their physical premises. It’s now more important than ever to keep business places clean not just to maintain public health but also to make people feel safe when going out.

Clean Group is doing its bit by providing Melbourne businesses with complete cleaning & disinfection services at affordable rates. Their cleaners tend to go the extra mile when cleaning a place to ensure thorough cleaning and in-depth virus protection.

“Our COVID cleaning services ensure that your business place is thoroughly cleaned and sensitive areas like counters, doors, lift buttons, light boards, etc. are properly disconnected to avoid the risk of virus spreading,” Suji Siv said.

Top examples of how the Clean Group cleaners are going the extra mile to ensure complete cleaning of business places in Melbourne include increased use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for people, use of the most effective Electrostatic Virus Shield technology for up to 99.99% virus removal, regular cleaning & disinfection of toilets, bathrooms, dustbins and other sensitive places, and deep cleaning of public areas such as reception, meeting rooms, etc.

“We know that people are concerned about their safety, and of their loved ones, during this time, so we are taking every possible measure to make them feel safe through high-quality cleaning services.”

Commercial property owners anywhere in Melbourne can call Clean Group or visit their website to request a cleaning quote for free. For more information read this article


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