Clean Group Sydney Shared some Vital Details of Office Cleaning in Sydney

Clean Group, a leader in commercial cleaning recently provided some important details of Office cleaning in their webinar. The company has been actively providing office cleaning services to businesses located in and around Sydney for years and now they are also running an awareness campaign for the purpose of delivering valid information to all the viewers.

Office cleaning is one of the highly sought cleaning services in Sydney, and there are various valid reasons behind it. Businesses are taking advantage of this service to protect their premises, staff, and daily operations. It has been observed that when the Covid-19 came into the picture the demand for this service went sky-high. The demand also got a boost when authorities in neighbouring regions made it mandatory for businesses to have a Covid-19 cleanliness certificate to restart their businesses.

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In this webinar, Suji Shiv CEO of Clean Group provided some interesting detail about the office cleaning process. He said that Office Cleaning is vital these days for businesses as it prevents any type of community spread of germs, bacterias, and viruses. Office cleaning consists of many cleaning tasks including regular cleaning of each and every surface in the office. In this part, mopping, wiping, and vacuum techniques are used.

After completing the regular cleaning job cleaners will conduct deep cleaning in some of the areas that are really dirty. In this part of cleaning, washing with hot water and detergent, along with scrubbing, polishing, and other really tough work. Office kitchen cleaning is also a part of this cleaning. Where cleaners clean the kitchen from top to bottom.

Cleaners will then move to the staff area of the business premises, they will clean all the cabins, desks, electronic gadgets, and all the other stuff in this area, and later they will disinfect all of them too. These all tasks come under the office desk cleaning service.

Along with this, some sweepers will also do the work of office carpet cleaning and maintenance work. It is essential that everything in the office is clean and looks good when your client enters your property.

In the complete office cleaning job, office toilets cleaning is one of the toughest jobs for any cleaner. At first, cleaners will have to clean all the dustbins first, and then they will perform a thorough cleaning of all the surfaces, including the washbasin sinks, toilet seats, mirrors, etc. They will also sanitize and disinfect all the surfaces even the door handles.

He also answered some of the queries of the viewers, when asked about the office cleaning services then he said that the cost of office cleaning depends on the size of the area, the time required, staff required, and many more things. Thus, without thinking much give us a call.

Clean Group offers a wide range of services such as industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, strata cleaning, and residential cleaning services. Their service portfolio also includes some business-focused services such as gym cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, health care centre cleaning, plant cleaning, school cleaning, childcare cleaning, church cleaning, etc.

They also offer immediate cleaning, Covid-19 cleaning, covid-19 training, and Covid-19 certification services. It has been observed that when COVID-19 entered the country, Clean Group was one of the first cleaning companies to train their cleaners and added COVID-19 cleaning to its portfolio.

Clean Group is a 15+ years old commercial cleaning company and it has been continuously providing quality office and commercial cleaning services to businesses in and around Sydney, NSW. The company has all the resources including machines, equipment, hand-held cleaning tools, cleaning/disinfecting/sanitizing products, and a team of highly trained cleaners.

Cleaners from Clean Group are using hospital-grade disinfectant products while cleaning to make the office germ-free and to create a protective layer on all the surfaces. Their unmatched experience, knowledge, and quality services are benefiting businesses and through the awareness campaign, they are ensuring that everyone gets valid details and stays safe during this pandemic period.

Office or business owners/managers can make a call on (02) 8859 8938, send an email at, or visit the official website directly to know more about the office cleaning service and hire them.


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