Clean Group Sydney Offers NDIS Cleaning Services

Clean Group Sydney is pleased to announce that they are offering NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) cleaning in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The NDIS cleaning that they are offering is provided through a dedicated team of over 50 cleaners with extensive experience and training. The company is an NDIS registered provider that has been offering affordable and time-sensitive cleaning for more than 20 years.

They offer various kinds of NDIS cleaning in Sydney. These include: general home cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, garden cleaning, laundry cleaning, end of lease cleaning, and decluttering services. There are various factors that distinguish the NDIS cleaning services that they provide compared to those offered by other providers. These include: the fact that: they are NDIS registered providers and are committed to high-quality cleaning; affordable clean service fees; cleaning services that are tailor-fitted to the needs of each specific client; a team of well trained and experienced NDIS cleaners; and easy process of booking a cleaning appointment.

Clean Group Team

General home cleaning is a vital task and it must be done regularly to ensure that the family has a safe and clean living space. The professional cleaning services they provide are suitable for those who are unable or have no time to clean.

Carpet steam cleaning is also an essential service because carpets tend to gather a lot of dust, hair, stains, dirt, and germs over time. Once in a while, depending on the requirements and preferences of customers, they can clean carpets through both vacuum and steam cleaning techniques to get rid of the accumulated dirt and make the carpets both clean and safe for family members, kids, pets, and other people.

People with disabilities may not be able to properly take care of their gardens and plants. Fortunately, plants and gardens can be taken care of by their dedicated NDIS garden maintenance services.

Meanwhile, laundry cleaning is another key component of regular home cleaning and maintenance that people with disabilities may not be able to perform properly. They have got that covered in their NDIS services. Their staff will regularly machine-wash the clothes, blankets, blinds, sheets, and more.

And for those who are planning a move-out or move-in, the professional cleaners from Clean Group Sydney can take care of the cleaning of the customer’s newly leased house. They have experienced end-of-lease cleaners who are knowledgeable on what to look for when cleaning a home or property after the end of a lease. Their cleaning services can also be customized for NDIS members.

And aside from cleaning, it is also essential to keep the house or property properly managed and arranged, so that residents can easily find and access things that they require. Their staff will also handle that as well, cleaning and decluttering the kitchen, bathrooms, library, living room, and more.

All of those services are provided using high tech tools and equipment. For instance, they use the i-mop floor scrubber, which is an advanced cleaning equipment that enables fast cleaning of floors and other surfaces compared to the use of a wet mop. It is equipped with twin counter-rotating brushes that can provide 90 percent cleaner floors and other similar surfaces. It has colour-coded accessories to avoid cross-contamination. The suction technology of the i-mop floor scrubber is so powerful that they are able to provide a drier and cleaner floor in much less time.

Clean Group Sydney was founded with the mission of providing clients in Sydney and surrounding areas with the highest standard of cleaning by a group of highly experienced and well skilled cleaners who employ state-of-the-art technology. Their team of professional cleaners are experienced in cleaning a range of residential and commercial cleaning properties, including offices, retail stores, malls, warehouses, childcare centres, hospitals, and more. All of their cleaners have been trained to use a toxic-free and safe procedure and using only eco-friendly and high quality cleaning products to ensure the health of customers.

When looking for the best NDIS cleaning services residents of Sydney and neighbouring areas can visit the Clean Group Sydney website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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