Clean Group Sydney Offers Commercial Cleaning Services In Sydney

Clean Group Sydney is offering cleaning services for businesses and commercial property owners in all major cities across Australia.

Clean Group Sydney starts serving its customers after an on-site assessment followed by a no-obligation quote from the company’s managers. The client can contact the company either via phone, email or using the contact form on its website. The communication is received by the sales team who send their best and most technically proficient managers with plenty of cleaning experience to the client’s site for an on-site assessment.

An on-site assessment is a complete detailed inventory of all the surfaces, nooks, and crannies of the office or commercial space that needs cleaning. The assessment managers have been trained to leave no stone unturned and not miss even the finest detail. They dot their Is and cross their Ts as they create an exhaustive list of requirements for the workspace.

The assessment report is then brought back to the office and analyzed by the sales team in coordination with the cleanliness technicians. The team then drafts a proposal for the workspace. This proposal lists every possible work item that will need cleaning, scrubbing, and disinfecting in the client’s site. The proposal is then sent to the client who has to make the judgment call whether to agree to the entire list or pick and choose the absolutely essential items according to their budget. Once a baseline level is agreed upon, the team gets to work.

Clean Group Sydney prides itself on its professionalism, punctuality, and integrity. Its employees are put through the most rigorous training regimen to make sure that they are up to snuff on the task of properly cleaning the client’s workspace. The company also performs all kinds of background checks on its employees (including police checks) to make sure only those with the highest integrity make it through the selection process. They claim to be the best contractors for commercial cleaning Sydney has to offer.

Clean Group Sydney provides deep cleaning solutions for rugs, carpets, hardwood, laminate, and other floor materials. They offer dusting services that cover every inch of the space from top to bottom. They properly segregate the rubbish to prevent cross-contamination. They perform exterior pressure washing and cleaning on properties that need to shine from the outside. The company also offers internal and external, window and glass cleaning. They can even provide professional steam cleaning services for carpets, rugs, upholstery, and office partitions. They can perform stripping and sealing of floors. The company even employs state-of-the-art machines to scrub the floor. They also handle fridge and microwave cleaning in the shared office kitchen area.

A spokesperson for the company talks about their dedication to quality service by saying, “We are humbled by the response we have received from all the clients we have served over the years. They always tell us horror stories of shoddy jobs that their previous cleaning contractor did before they hired us. We are always glad to hear that the processes that we implemented are working wonders for our clients. There are a lot of cleaning contractors who are in it to make a quick buck. They will rush through the important areas and leave parts of the job unfinished. We, on the other hand, have always insisted on quality and thoroughness. We never take half measures. We finish every job to the customer’s satisfaction. We reckon that our dedication has resonated with our clients too as they keep coming back to us. If you are a commercial property owner or business owner in Sydney looking to fulfill your cleaning needs, give us a call and find out why we are the best contractor for office cleaning Sydney has to offer.”

Clean Group Sydney offers commercial cleaning services, office cleaning services, strata cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, medical cleaning services, gym cleaning services, school cleaning services, and childcare cleaning services in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney. They can be reached at the phone number (02) 8859 8938 or at the email id


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