Clean Group Sydney Is Using The Latest Technology To Provide Office Cleaning Services In Sydney

Clean Group Sydney is offering cleaning services for offices and other commercial establishments in Sydney and Greater New South Wales community. It offers services such as commercial cleaning, office cleaning, strata cleaning, carpet cleaning, medical cleaning, gym cleaning, school cleaning, childcare cleaning, and more.

The company says that it uses state of the art cleaning equipment such as the I-mop which is a powerful machine washing and cleaning tool that combines the flexibility of a mop and has the power of an industrial scrubber machine to effectively clean sticky floors and places that are otherwise hard to reach. They also use eco-friendly cleaning solutions such as Viraclean, which is an efficient, eco-friendly commercial cleaning solution, certified to kill a broad range of germs and bacteria. Viraclean can also eradicate a variety of common viruses such as Hepatitis B virus, Influenza virus, Herpes Simplex virus, etc.

Clean Group Sydney

The company also uses high-quality microfiber cloths for the dusting and cleaning of places such as window sills, lightboards, furniture, etc. and to remove allergens. The company says its high-quality antibacterial microfiber cloths can remove up to 99% bacteria from surfaces. The company also uses advanced and certified cleaning mops that are made of antibacterial microfiber to stop the growth of bacteria. To avoid cross-contamination at sensitive places like a medical center or hospital, it uses color-coded cloths, buckets, etc. to clean different areas for safer and cleaner environments. All of its cleaning equipment and supplies, including microfiber mops & cloths, HEPA backpack vacuums, flat-mopping systems, electrostatic dusting, etc. are certified safe.

The office cleaning company has expertise in deep cleaning solutions for rugs, carpets, hardwood, laminate, and other floor materials. They offer total dusting services from top to bottom in every space, and in every room. The company makes sure to practice proper rubbish segregation. They also perform exterior pressure washing and cleaning, internal and external window, and glass cleaning. They carry out professional steam cleaning for carpets, rugs, upholstery, and office partitions. The company performs the stripping and sealing of floors. They also perform fridge and microwave cleaning along with machine floor scrubbing. They also perform general tidying up and organizing services.

The company says that its strengths are its credibility, high dependability, honesty, work ethic, pleasant employee demeanor, and the use of green cleaning products. The company says that it offers top to bottom cleaning solutions that guarantee that business spaces are clean, refreshed, tidy, and well-maintained. They claim to use the highest quality, non-toxic cleaning solutions to ensure that the environment is always safe and germ-free. Clean Group Sydney is owned and operated by locals to the Sydney community and it has been operational for over two decades.

The company says that it understands that each of its clients has unique needs. It makes sure to do an on-site assessment with its skilled office cleaners. The on-site visit process ensures that the company fully understands its customers’ needs, recognizes any specific or special solutions they may be required, and tailors its cleaning protocols and its pricing to completely match their situation. Clean Group Sydney says that it does not limit its clients to generalized cleaning options. It says that it offers full and truly bespoke options that allow its clients to dictate the office cleaning solution they think they need.

A testimonial by Amanda S. says, “If you are looking for a cleaner that you can trust, I recommend this cleaning company 100%. I cannot remember an instance when my instruction was not followed. The best way to go for a very detailed cleaning is to hire these guys. They make the impossible, possible. Clean Group Sydney is just simply amazing.”

A testimonial by a multimedia company in Sydney says, “Clean Group is very professional. They follow a very high standard of cleaning. Their manager is always hands-on and monitors the cleaner’s job. I will recommend Clean Group to any friends that may be looking for the same service.”


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Clean Group Sydney
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