Clean Group Sydney Explains the Right Approach to COVID Cleaning In Sydney

Clean Group is one of the finest professional commercial cleaning companies in Sydney NSW, has explained the right approach to COVID Cleaning in their awareness campaign. The company provided very crucial details about the covid deep cleaning and they also provided details of their DEEP Covid-19 cleaning services in Sydney NSW.

It is known to all that the fight against this deadly virus is not going to end soon, that’s why reported and responsible companies and government authorities are trying their best to make people aware and keep them safe. It has been observed that government authorities and some private companies have launched Covid-19 training and awareness programs on their official websites. Awareness campaign from Clean Group is a positive move from a highly reputed cleaning company. Their campaign provides complete details of risks, precautions, and the right approach to COVID Cleaning. While the primary aim is to make people aware of the risk it also includes training of the employees.

Covid deep cleaning services

Other than a vaccination and taking proper precautions, strict hygiene is the one thing that seems to be an effective weapon against Novel Coronavirus. However this hygiene is not only about keeping everything clean and tidy on a premise, it is about proper cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Stephen Matthews, commercial cleaning manager at Clean group Sydney explained the right method of cleaning against Covid-19 to keep cleaners as well as staff safe from this deadly virus.

He said, ”Cleaning is the most basic weapon against viruses, bacterias, and other germs. We all can perform basic cleaning without any problem when necessary. But if the purpose of cleaning is to keep a deadly virus at bay, then a normal DIY approach will not work. You need high-quality supplies first and then you will have to apply them with all the safety and precautions. It is tough work even for cleaners, but covid-cleaners of Clean Group are highly trained according to the latest government guidelines. The company also conducted training programs for our cleaners and also provided top-of-the-line safety and cleaning products. With training, equipment, and proven methods we can provide the best possible Covid-19 Cleaning services to commercial places to keep their staff and regular operations safe.”

The cleanliness approach is important during this pandemic period as the spread of viruses in the area can increase if the cleaning work is not done properly. Some reputed companies like Clean Group understood this and made amendments in their cleaning process as well. They also suggested that cleaners working at commercial places will have to first protect themselves before entering the area. They can do that by using a PPE kit and other safety gear.

Cleaners should start with regular and deep cleaning and after that, they can use the sanitizing wipes to make all the high-touch surfaces completely virus-free. After that, the cleaners can disinfect all the areas. It is the right way of Covid-19 cleaning a Medical Centre or commercial premise to

It has been observed that some reputed companies also started providing Covid-19 Cleaning Certificates in the name of the business after completing the cleaning task. Meanwhile, Clean Group is probably the first cleaning company in NSW that has started providing Covid-19 certification. Recently the government in many regions made Covid-19 certification mandatory to reopen the business. So, now business owners and managers don’t have to wander here and there in search of cleaners and certifications.

Clean Group is a reputed commercial cleaning company located in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The company has already helped many Sydney-based businesses in resuming their business operations with their Certified COVID-19 Cleaning services. The company has all the tools, equipment, heavy machinery, trained staff, and unmatched experience in this field.

If products are concerned then Stephen Matthews added that whether it is cleaning product, sanitizing product, or disinfecting product, the company is making sure that all their cleaners use only government-approved products. Clean Group has the latest cleaning and polishing machines and they also have access to all the safety gears and handheld tools.

Business and property owners/ managers who require the Covid-19 Cleaning and certification services can visit the Clean Group Sydney website, or contact them directly by making a call at +61288598938 or via email.

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