Clean Group Sydney Explains the Importance Of School Cleaning In Sydney NSW

Australia's No. 1 commercial cleaning company Clean Group, Sydney in their recent webinar explained the importance of school cleaning in Sydney.

Clean Group Sydney is one of the finest commercial cleaning companies in Australia, and the company is hosting an awareness campaign through online and offline mode. Before school cleaning, the company had also explained medical centre cleaning, gym cleaning, office cleaning, covid-19 cleaning, strata cleaning and restaurant cleaning, and more. This series of webinars on proper cleaning methods are a part of the awareness campaign they are hosting online to make everyone aware of risks, correct methods, effective products, and provide the training they need.

During the webinar, Clean Group CEO Suji Shiv, Clean Group Sydney Commercial Cleaning Manager Stephen Mathews, and some of their commercial cleaning experts answered questions from the audience as well.

Clean Group Sydney is an over 15 years old professional cleaning company well-known for providing a range of services including commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, residential cleaning, and strata cleaning services. The company’s portfolio also includes some business or property-focused services like school cleaning, church cleaning, gym cleaning, medical center cleaning, childcare cleaning, mall cleaning, etc. Their portfolio also includes urgent cleaning or occasion-based cleanings like Christmas cleaning and after-party cleaning. Along with all these, in this pandemic period, Clean Group was among the first cleaning companies to add Covid-19 cleaning to their portfolio.

Suji Shiv said that “A school to be remembered for high-quality education and skill development. It is also a place where children can learn and understand the basics of life which will help them later in life. When it comes to ensuring that the school is a safe environment, the importance of school cleaning cannot be excused.”

He added that "COVID-19 makes people worry about cleanliness, and when it comes to the school where their children will spend a few hours a day, that concern is natural. We Clean Group can give them surety of a higher standard of cleanliness with our dedicated school cleaning services. Our School Cleaning services include proper cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting tasks which will eliminate dirt, dust, bacterias, viruses, and other germs and pathogens effectively. With our dedicated service infections and the spread of any kind of disease can be stopped. The demand for commercial cleaning in Sydney and office space cleaning has risen in the last few years. And it will rise in the future due to upcoming variants and waves of Covid-19.”

In this webinar, his representative also talked about the dangerous viruses and germs present in such premises and the health hazards they pose. They also shed light on how these pathogens can spread and how parents can train their children to protect themselves.

Later, Stephen Mathews explains the difference between local cleaners and professional cleaners and why hiring a professional cleaner will be beneficial for the school owners and managers. As per the webinar, hiring local cleaners not only requires more effort but more funds too. It is because when a business hires in-house cleaning staff they will have to buy all the equipment, products, and tools, and cleaning products. Thus, in this way, they have to invest much more at the initial stage with a monthly salary as well. However, in the salary of 2-3 in-house cleaners, one can outsource cleaning services from a reputed commercial cleaning service provider.

Furthermore, in-house cleaners can’t match the experience, knowledge, training, and techniques of experienced cleaners, thus with professional cleaners schools can get a higher standard of cleaning without disturbing the daily operations. It has been observed that Clean Group also added Covid-19 Certification service to their service list. Thus, Schools can get the certificate to resume their operations and also to assure the parents about the cleanliness standard of the school.

Clean Group Sydney has all the resources including cleaning equipment, handheld tools, heavy machinery, cleaning/ disinfecting/ sanitizing products, and a team of highly trained cleaners. The company is ready to serve schools and other education centres at any time of the day to avoid interrupting their daily operations.

School owners and managers can contact Clean Group for quality School Cleaning service through their website or by sending an email at


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