Clean Group Sydney Explains the Importance Of Childcare Cleaning In Sydney

One of the finest professional cleaning companies in Australia Clean Group recently explained the importance of Childcare Cleaning in Sydney. The company is hosting an online awareness campaign and in a recent webinar, their representative talked about the importance of childcare cleaning, common risks, best practices, and safe products. Along with this, the company has also answered some related questions raised by the audience.

Clean Group is a Sydney commercial cleaning company and they provide a variety of cleaning services ranging from commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, residential cleaning, healthcare centre cleaning, gym cleaning, childcare cleaning, Covid-19 cleaning, and more.

Chidcare Cleaning

Suji Shiv, CEO of Clean Group said, “These childcare centres have a great impact on the growth and development of children. Besides toys and playing with other children, they are taught different things. From health issues to injury, poor hygiene can harm the baby in many ways. Additionally, the child learns things quickly so clean childcare will encourage them to keep their surroundings clean in the future.”

He further added, ”We understand the importance of childcare cleaning services and we are lucky that we have professionals who are highly trained, educated, and experienced. A properly clean childcare center promotes the health of everyone - including children, parents, staff, those visiting your premises and daily customers.”

In this webinar, the company shared some key details about cleaning childcare, saying the floor should be a focal point. Daycare workers and young children spend a lot of time playing on the floor. Play areas, toys, desktops, chairs, tables, and door handles are areas that require extra attention when cleaning.

They added that cleaners in childcare centers should have the necessary training, resources, and products to clean all the surfaces effectively. There are various reputed cleaning companies that started providing green methods and products in cleaning, and childcare centers should leverage these services.

In these services, eco-friendly products and methods are used to clean the area. These methods are effective on one side and on another side, they also eliminate any kind of health risks. That’s why for an effective and completely harm-free cleaning, opt-in for Green Cleaning services at a childcare centre.

Clean Group, Sydney is one of the highly-rated professional cleaning companies especially known for commercial, healthcare, and childcare cleaning. The company has highly trained and experienced cleaners, all the equipment, cleaning tools, cleaning/sanitizing products, and hospital-grade disinfectant products. The company has years of experience and a team that is ready to clean any type of property.

The company is well versed in all cleaning techniques, guidelines, methods, and tricks. When asked about his cleaning process, his representative explained the process of cleaning the childcare centres. First, their cleaners go around and organize the scattered stuff. Then they do regular cleaning of the entire area and all surfaces, then a deep cleaning will be done.

Regular cleaning includes mopping, wiping, and dusting whereas deep cleaning includes scrubbing, vacuuming, and washing with hot water and detergent or with air pressure. If the area is large enough they can also use rotary machines and polishing machines. The company has various heavy-duty machines and cleaning products, however green and cleaning by hand or small equipment will be fine at childcare centres.

After completing cleaning tasks, cleaners will use sanitisers or disinfectants to make high-touch surfaces completely virus-free. The rest of the work will be done by spray machines. The last step which includes sanitizing and disinfecting has been added due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been also observed that Clean Group is paying special attention to the safety of their staff as well as clients because all their cleaners enter the property/centres only after wearing the proper PPE kit, protection, and safety gear. Webinar also shows how they dispose of all the garbage or even the disposable protection gears safely. The company focuses on the safety of children, childcare workers, and their staff. The company, its staff, and their jobs are fully insured.

Anyone looking for professional cleaners for a childcare cleaning service can visit the Clean Group Sydney website and contact them via phone or email to discuss the cost of childcare cleaning in Sydney.


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