Clean Group Shares Tips for Choosing a Reliable After Builders Cleaning Service in Sydney

After the construction/renovation work done on a property, next comes the need for cleaning the waste left by the builders. There are many after builders cleaning services in the market, but how to choose the right one is a question that has been bothering the minds of property owners since ages. Clean Group, a reputed cleaning company based in Sydney (, shares tips & suggestions for choosing a reliable post construction cleaner. The tips can be used by local property owners, real estate managers & owners in Sydney the next time they are out in the market looking for a cleaning company.

After a recent construction or renovation work, the property must be cleaned properly before it can be used for residential or commercial purpose. For small properties like homes, it can be done by in-house cleaners or by the owner himself. However, for the post-construction cleaning of large properties like a strata building or warehouse, an expert team of cleaners is usually needed. To choose the right after builders cleaning team is crucial to get the desired cleaning results for a property.

After Builders Cleaning

“At Clean Group, we provide after builders cleaning services to all locations in and around Sydney. The jobs are managed by our in-house cleaning team that has been trained in the cleaning of newly constructed properties, renovated buildings, etc. They will usually clean the paint residue and other marks from your floors, walls, windows and furniture, take care of the garbage, and wash and clean everything, including floor, furniture, fans, light boards, outdoor areas, and more. Our cleaners also regularly share useful cleaning tips & advice on our company blog that you can read for more information,” says Clean Group owner and CEO, Suji Siv.

In their recent post, Clean Group experts talk about the need for a clean and fresh office along with the steps to choose the right cleaners/service for a project.

After the construction or renovation work, a lot of different kinds of residual waste, including glass, silica, wood, paint, chemicals, wires, piping, nails, etc. can be left by the builders. If not removed or cleaned immediately, these can cause serious harms to the residents, especially children. Clean Group recommends hiring a professional commercial cleaning agency to get the job done efficiently.

When choosing a cleaning agency or professional for post-construction cleaning, one should consider a number of things, including the cleaner’s experience in after builders cleaning, whether they are licensed and insured, their reputation in the market, in-house team or external cleaners, fair-pricing (cost), satisfaction guarantee, and more.

One of the first things to check in a potential cleaner is whether or not they are licensed by a proper authority. Also, their cleaners and services must be fully insured. Cleaners should preferably bring their own cleaning equipment, solutions, etc., which must be eco-friendly and in line with the safety standards of the region. Besides this, it must also be checked that it is a full-service cleaning agency that can take care of the complete cleaning, from dust and debris to the cleaning of kitchens, all the surfaces, windows, outdoor areas, etc. They must have the resources and experience to deal with all stains, marks, construction residual, smudges and paint blotch around the site.

Another thing to consider when hiring a construction cleaner is the cost. The company must charge a decent price that fits the client’s budget and must offer the best value for money in terms of high-quality service. For instance, they should be flexible to arrange their cleaning service as per the client’s preferred schedule or time, including after-hours. Also, the company staff or support team must be easy to reach whenever the client needs to report an issue or provide a suggestion.

Some cleaning companies, including Clean Group, offer a satisfaction guarantee with their cleaning work, which is an added bonus for clients and gives them the much-needed peace of mind. “In my opinion, cleaning services with satisfaction guarantee are the best. With them, you can be assured to get the best value for your money,” says one of the Clean Group experts.

Real estate workers, agents, or property owners in Sydney and nearby locations can contact Clean Group ( to hire efficient & affordable after builders cleaning services or to know more about choosing the right post-construction cleaners.


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