Clean Group’s Employees Realize the Importance of Their NDIS Cleaning Services

Clean Group is a company that is widely known in Sydney and other areas of the country for its many different commercial cleaning services. They also offer other services that are less well-known but are just as well received by those that use them. This includes their specialty cleaning services for NDIS participants. These services are tailored to meet the specific cleaning needs of those who are a part of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) program. The staff and workers at Clean Group realize that this is an important job that offers much-needed cleaning assistance to disabled persons who cannot perform some or all of their important cleaning tasks themselves.

Suji Siv, Clean Group’s owner, says, “We are proud to be able to assist with the cleaning needs of those with disabilities that are also NDIS participants. This is an important job that both our support staff and our personnel that perform our NDIS cleans take very seriously. We know that any help that we can give to those with disabilities as far as cleaning is concerned is a big boost to their morale and to creating a healthy living environment for them. It’s also one of our jobs that we get a lot of love back from the disabled persons that we perform these special cleaning services for.”

The company owner went on to talk more about what some of the typical NDIS cleaning jobs they do involve. This includes both basic and specialty cleaning services. He added that as one might guess, basic NDIS participant cleanings include such tasks as cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens. They also involve vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors along with all surface dusting, wiping, and disinfection. Siv mentioned that they will even get involved in spring cleans and try to help with any other cleaning needs that an NDIS participant requests of them. Clean Group’s NDIS cleaning services go above and beyond just basic cleaning services too. He says that part of this includes extensive carpet shampooing and steam cleaning that will remove such undesirable contaminants as pet dander, dust, dirt, and stains caused by spills. Mattress and rug cleaning are also part of the NDIS-related cleaning jobs that they do for their disabled clients. According to the company owner, they will even undertake tougher cleaning tasks such as tile & grout cleaning and wiping down and then treating leather furniture and upholstery. The company owner mentioned that they even consider such tasks as general decluttering, laundry, and garden maintenance to be a part of their essential NDIS cleaning services.

Siv went on to say that many factors set them apart from other companies that offer NDIS cleaning services. It all starts with the people they have in place doing these specialty cleaning jobs. They have undergone specific training that not only addresses the cleaning side of what they do but also reminds them to be conscientious and compassionate while they are doing their NDIS cleaning tasks. He pointed out they also have special equipment that enables them to clean the homes of NDIS participants more efficiently and effectively and that they also only use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals that leave no harmful residue. The company owner stated that their NDIS cleaning service scheduling can be made to be just a flexible as the NDIS cleaning services that they offer. This is because they can be tasked with performing NDIS cleaning services on a daily, weekly, fortnight, monthly, and one-off basis. He says that whatever cleaning help disabled clients ask for that are within the guidelines of their particular NDIS program, they will help them out with.

Those in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra that are interested in learning more about the services that the company’s NDIS Cleaners can provide for them, can call Clean Group, send them an email, or fill out the form that’s found on the dedicated NDIS cleaning page on their website.


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