Clean Group's After Builders Cleaners Use Advanced Post Construction Cleaning Techniques for Effective Cleaning

Clean Group, a Sydney-based commercial cleaning company, provides after builders cleaning, maintenance and repair services to real estate owners/managers in the Sydney city and surrounding suburbs. It’s a full-service commercial cleaning company with a staff of 50+ trained and experienced cleaners. One of the things that make Clean Group better than most other cleaning companies in the area is the use of Advanced Post Construction Cleaning Techniques by their expert after builders cleaners.

They have been providing cleaning services to local businesses and properties for over 20 years now and have experience in the cleaning of almost all kinds of buildings, including newly constructed and renovated properties. In fact, they have a dedicated team for handling such high-level cleaning projects. Their team of cleaners uses advanced cleaning techniques while ensuring the safety of premises and people during a cleaning job. During the cleaning of builder properties, they vacuum and dust general areas as well as clean hard-to-reach areas that are otherwise ignored by regular cleaners.

After Builders Cleaners

Suji Siv, Clean Group CEO and the owner says, “When building a new house or getting some renovation work done at your building, you always have to deal with the mess or waste left by your builders. Clean Group will take care of the cleaning of your property after builders and give you a clean, neat and fresh place to start with. Being specialized in the cleaning of new properties after construction, we are the best and most affordable choice for after builders cleaning Sydney.”

Clean Group’s after builders cleaners provide a complete range of builders' cleaning services. This includes the cleaning of general areas like floors, carpets and surfaces for dust, dirt and debris left by construction workers. They will remove all visible debris from the common areas, rooms, halls, etc., clean and wipe down all the furniture, windows and boards, remove stains from surfaces and things, and disinfect everything. Their detailed builders clean include the sweeping and mopping of all surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, wipe cleaning of handrails, doors, windows, light switches & boards, and other areas. All surfaces, including outdoor areas, are vacuumed and dusted as required. Also, they perform the cleaning of the kitchen area, walls, stairwells, light fittings, window & door frames, furniture and upholstery, handrails, etc. through vacuuming, wiping or other methods, as suitable.

Their construction cleaners specialise in the cleaning of areas that are generally ignored by regular cleaners. Besides the cleaning of exterior doors, lights, porch, garage, etc. in a building, they can also perform a detailed cleaning of the kitchen area, ceilings and high-rise windows. When cleaning the kitchen area, they will dust all cabinets inside and out, clean and vacuum all shelves, drawers, including bottom and top drawers, etc. The countertops and edges are also cleaned and disinfected to remove any germs from the surfaces. After a recent construction or renovation work, they can clean the kitchens and surrounding areas and rearrange everything like before. Find more details about Clean Group after builders Cleaning services at

Besides the deep cleaning of a property after construction, they can also perform minor repairs to deal with the defects left by the builders. These include repairing and strategizing grout haze on tiles, performing minor repairs on windows, removing stains and paint marks from floors, tiles and walls, finishing of tiles, etc.

For over 20 years now, Clean Group has been a trusted provider of the best quality industrial cleaning services to local businesses in all suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Their team includes experienced and police-checked cleaners who all have been trained in safe & effective cleaning techniques. They are provided with state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly machines to deliver the highest standard of cleaning for their commercial clients.

Besides construction cleaning, Clean Group provides a variety of other commercial cleaning services, including office cleaning, church cleaning, medical cleaning, restaurant cleaning, strata cleaning, school cleaning, carpet cleaning, gym cleaning, and disinfecting & sanitising services.

There are many reasons why Clean Group is the number one choice of many Australian businesses for their routine or one-off cleaning needs. They have an in-house team of experienced & trained industrial cleaners, have access to the most advanced equipment & cleaning technologies, provide all-inclusive services from carpet cleaning to strata cleaning, cleaners are able to pay attention to details for desirable cleaning results, follow safe & eco-friendly cleaning practices, and have an outstanding customer support system.

Real estate builders, managers and other construction workers in Sydney can call Clean Group for affordable & efficient after builder cleaning services.


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