Clean Group Providing Safe & Efficient Window Cleaning Sydney Services for High-rise Buildings

Clean Group, a professional window cleaning company based in Sydney, Australia, now provides a highly secure & efficient window cleaning services to hire-rise buildings and strata properties all across Australia. The company has a trained team of window cleaners along with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and supplies to handle all kinds of window cleaning projects, no matter the size or scope. Clean Group has experience in both internal and external window cleaning for a variety of businesses.

Regardless of the size or type of a building, regular window cleaning is a requisite for anyone looking to maintain or increase the life of their property windows. Good looking and clean windows not only attract appreciation but also leave a good impression on visitors. This is particularly important for commercial buildings such as offices, retail stores, malls, hospitals, etc. Now, professional cleaning of commercial windows, especially in large buildings, is not doable by unprofessional and untrained cleaners. They may leave smudged windows and not be able to clean high-rise windows properly. This is why it’s always recommended to hire the services of professional window cleaners for the cleaning of high-rise building windows.

Window Cleaning Sydney

Clean Group Sydney ( ) is an experienced commercial cleaning company that has been providing cleaning services to all types of commercial properties in and around Sydney for over 20 years now. They have a qualified team of more than 50 full-time and expert cleaners with experience in window cleaning, high-rise cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning and more. Their window cleaners team is particularly trained in safe cleaning practices and provided with gear and equipment to maintain safety while cleaning external windows of a high-rise building.

High-rise window cleaning is a risky job, as it involves using temporary platforms or ropes when cleaning windows located on high walls. Without proper safety precautions and tools, it can lead to fatal accidents. Unlike many window cleaning companies that fail to pay proper attention to the safety procedures to follow when cleaning high-rise windows, Clean Group has a specialized training program to train their window cleaners. They are mandatorily required to use proper safety gear and follow the instructions when cleaning high-rise windows. At the same time, the company provides its cleaners with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure their safety along with efficient cleaning results.

“At Clean Group, we take every measure to ensure safety while cleaning. We have huge experience in high-rise window cleaning, which enables us to think of every possible loophole and do our best to overcome the problem. We understand cleaning a high-rise window is a risky job and only use trained and experienced cleaners for the same. Our cleaners use a variety of cleaning tools, including squeegee, scrapers & blades, wash pads, sticker rod, etc. for efficient cleaning of internal and external windows,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

Clean Group provides both internal window cleaning and external window cleaning services. While internal window cleaning is relatively easier and involves the use of soap/detergent solution along with a handy squeegee, external window cleaning can be slightly complex, depending on the height & location of the window. Clean Group uses a variety of cleaning tools and safety equipment for effective cleaning of high-rise windows. This includes ropes, jackets & belts, gloves, sticker rods, suspended cleaning platforms, seat boards, ascenders, helmets, and more. Besides high-quality cleaning, the safety of cleaners is their main concern at Clean Group.

“We provide all types of window cleaning services for both high-rise and small buildings. Our services include interior window cleaning, exterior window cleaning, glass door cleaning, pressure cleaning, hard water removal, stain removal, detergent washing, and more. Only after analysing your particular window cleaning requirements, we can provide the best quote for your cleaning needs,” adds Suji Siv.

As a full-service commercial cleaning company Sydney, Clean Group also provides other related services including routine office cleaning, hospitals cleaning, childcare centre cleaning, gym cleaning, after builders cleaning, move-in & move-out cleaning, restaurant cleaning, and more. Their cleaners are trusted by millennials because of their huge industry experience, reliable and flexible cleaning services, eco-friendly practices, and personalized cleaning solutions that are delivered on-time and with guaranteed satisfaction.

Property owners in Sydney looking to boost the appearance of their building windows can call Clean Group or visit the website to hire their expert window cleaning services Sydney. Also, read the following news article for more window cleaning information


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