Clean Group Provides Office Cleaning Solutions To Businesses of Waterloo

NSW-based Clean Group is reaching out to businesses in Waterloo that may be in need of swift and effective office cleaning services. As the reduction of community transmission is wholly dependent on a robust and universal response to the pandemic, the company is keen to offer their assistance to every commercial property in need. Since time is often of the essence in such situations, they urge all interested parties to get in touch today to schedule their first Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning.

The company has implemented a quick-access contact form on their website that allows new clients to request an onsite quote for cleaning services. This quote can be obtained for free, and website visitors have the option of being as detailed as they wish when submitting this request. Clean Group hopes that making it easier for their community to reach out to them will reduce the time it takes for local residents and businesses to receive their first cleaning session. In turn, this may help reduce the odds of community transmission taking place on any clients’ property.

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“We have to come together to keep the pandemic from overwhelming us,” says Suji Siv of Clean Group. “Thinking back to the early days of the outbreak, we can all remember how quickly the virus took hold in our cities and communities. This taught us an important lesson: we cannot afford to relax our vigilance and give COVID another foothold to spread once more. As a result, we are doing everything in our power to ensure our industry-leading services are available to all. If you need help keeping your home or business free of the virus, please do not hesitate to call.”

The company reports that one specific service has enjoyed a great deal of success in this regard: the Clean Group Defence Shield. This cleaning regimen relies on an innovative method of disinfectant dispersal that ensures no exposed surface is missed during an application.

According to Siv, their unique method uses an electrostatic spray to administer a powerful disinfectant throughout a given environment. The disinfectant in question is none other than the Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser, which is capable of killing up to 99.99% of germs for an extended period. However, no disinfectant would be able to do its job if it were not applied correctly, and this is where the electrostatic spray plays such a crucial role.

Eager to demonstrate the viability of this technology, Clean Group Waterloo encourages all interested parties to visit their website to learn more. Here, a prominently featured video explains how the spray adds an electric charge to the disinfectant as it leaves the nozzle, causing it to be attracted to every nearby surface. Since traditional sprays work more or less along a vertical line, simply falling with gravity, the company points out that they tend to miss surfaces that are not immediately exposed (such as the underside of tables, lamps, chairs and so on). This is not the case when an electrostatic spray is used, however.

“Our employees are trained to go above and beyond what our clients expect of us,” says Siv. “This means that they prioritise the cleaning of surfaces that may otherwise go overlooked. However, given the nature of the pandemic, we realised early on that there can be no room for error during a cleaning session. Fortunately, the electrostatic spray allows the Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser solution to be spread effectively throughout an environment, allowing it to do the job it was designed for — killing germs. This helps reduce the already low margin of human error to an absolute minimum.”

Notably, the Clean Group office cleaning Defence Shield is designed to offer up to 30 days of virus protection with a single application, so the company’s clients can live and work in relative peace during this period. Should they wish to learn more or schedule their first Clean Group Defence Shield session, however, they are welcome to contact Siv to get started. The first Clean Group Defence Shield cleaning is also free for new Routine Cleaning clients. Learn more here:


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