Clean Group Provides Expert Office Cleaning In The Midst Of The Pandemic

Clean Group, a company based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, has announced that they are ready to provide the kind of office cleaning that is required in the midst of the pandemic. They have ensured that their professional office cleaners have been properly trained in infection control by providing thorough cleaning and sanitisation procedures for offices and other commercial establishments. Their cleaners utilise high quality and cutting-edge cleaning equipment and processes, such as hospital-grade germicide disinfectant cleaning and HEPA multi-filtration vacuum cleaning, to provide the kind of cleaning that also gets rid of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. They also use disinfection and sanitisation procedures specifically designed for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“We take pride in providing one of the best office cleaning and commercial cleaning services in Australia. We are here to offer you a staff of experienced, friendly, reliable and trustworthy professionals, who take pleasure in the cleaning services that they provide in Sydney commercial establishments,” says Suji Siv, CEO of Clean Group. “We promise to provide our clients with the best customer service and a 100% cleanliness satisfaction guarantee. We don’t compromise our cleaning credibility, and we focus on building long-lasting client relationships.”

Office Cleaning

Clean Group provides a results-driven office cleaning service in the midst of the pandemic where their fully trained cleaners make use of sanitisation procedures especially for those things in the office or building that are frequently touched by people and may serve as the way for the coronavirus to get transferred from one person to another.

First, the professional cleaners from Clean Group provide basic cleaning services for the office or commercial establishment. This involves the usually sweeping and mopping of floors, wiping and cleaning of windows and doors, and cleaning of bathrooms, pantries, kitchens, and rooms.

Second, they will go about disinfecting and sanitising the office rooms, desks, chairs, and the various things in the office or building that are frequently handled by people, such door knobs, telephones, keyboards, railings, lightboards, toilet seats, trash bins, drawers, and more. They will make sure that any bacteria or viruses are eliminated to prevent them from infecting people.

They will also provide a Clean Group Defence Shield in which an electrostatic sprayer is used with the Zoono-71 surface sanitiser that can kill up to 99.99 percent of germs for a duration of 30 days. Zoono-71 is approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

It should be noted that there are a number of factors that make the Clean Group stand out among the other cleaning service providers in Sydney and neighbouring areas. These include: their in-depth knowledge in maintaining retail stores, storefronts, and big industrial warehouses; their extensive experience in cleaning physical fitness centres and big gyms; friendly customer service reps; capacity to service more than a hundred suburbs in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria; more than 50 expert cleaners; over 20 years of experience in cleaning commercial buildings; ability to offer pressure cleaning and outdoor maintenance; capacity to meet the stringent cleaning needs of big factories; capacity to handle specialised cleaning programs for day care centres, schools and universities; capability to ensure germ-free hospitals and medical centres; and ability to provide maintenance services for buildings, strata, and apartments.

Aside from using the most advanced cleaning equipment, Clean Group also utilises eco-friendly cleaning solutions, such as Viraclean. While being assured to be environment-friendly, Viraclean has been certified to kill a wide range of bacteria and germs, such as the viruses that cause influenza, hepatitis B, herpes, and more.

They use certified and advanced antibacterial microfibre mops that prevent the growth of bacteria while efficiently cleaning floors and various surfaces, making them 99 percent free from dirt, dust, and germs. For cleaning certain places, such lightboards, window sills, furniture, desks, and more, they use antibacterial microfibre cloths for getting rid of germs and allergens.

Businesses that require professional office cleaning in Sydney and surrounding areas may want to check out the Clean Group website, or contact them on the phone, or through email.


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