Clean Group Provides Expert Cleaners For Commercial Cleaning Projects

Sydney, NSW-based Clean Group is pleased to announce that they are offering their top-quality commercial cleaning services to offices and businesses in the greater Sydney area. Clean Group is widely considered to rank among the best commercial cleaners that can be found in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

As noted on their website, Clean Group is a fully licensed, insured and bonded commercial cleaner with the skills, experience and knowledge needed to handle all of their clients’ commercial cleaning needs. The cleaning equipment and methods that they use are of high quality to help ensure that the effects of their cleaning services not only last longer but are also healthier for their clients. In addition, their equipment is quite advanced, especially when compared to what many of their peers use.

Their modern equipment includes HEPA multi-filtration vacuum cleaning which helps improve indoor air quality, hospital-grade germicide disinfectant (for removing germs that can cause infections and diseases) and the I-mop. The I-mop is one piece of technology that makes Clean Group truly stand out. It is a potent machine wash and cleaning tool that possesses the flexibility that a mop has while having the power of an industrial scrubber machine. The characteristics of the I-mop allow Clean Group to effectively clean sticky floors and areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

Other equipment that Clean Group uses include antibacterial microfiber mops and microfiber cloths. The antibacterial microfiber mops are used to help stop bacteria growth and efficiently clean floors and surfaces, getting rid of up to 99% of germs, dirt, dust and bacteria. The microfiber cloths are also used to remove allergens and bacteria when cleaning places and surfaces such as window sills, lightboards and furniture.

Clean Group is a commercial cleaning company that also cares for the environment. They primarily utilizes Viraclean, which is a certified eco-friendly commercial cleaning solution. It is efficient at killing a wide range of germs, bacteria and viruses, such as Hepatitis B, Influenza and even the Herpes Simplex virus. Clean Group also uses more environmental-friendly cleaning products that leave a smaller carbon footprint. These products are more cost-effective, help ensure that their clients’ workforce remains healthy and eliminate potential health risks. Additionally, Clean Group strives to use as little water as they can.

Some potential clients may be worried about hiring a commercial cleaning company as this would require allowing a group of strangers to enter their business premises even after office hours. Fortunately, clients do not have to worry when they hire Clean Group. The company conducts background checks on their employees to make sure that the cleaners they send to their clients’ business premises are trustworthy. Additionally, they provide their employees with the proper training and equipment needed to provide commercial cleaning services at a high level so clients can rest assured that the team who will be at their premises is made up of reliable individuals.

Clean Group has received many positive testimonials from their clients. Allanah M. says in a testimonial featured on the Clean Group website, “If you need a one-stop cleaning solution that can do both the routine cleaning and some odd cleaning requests that can pop along the way, Clean Group is the best solution. I had my childcare flooded on one occasion, and I cannot imagine the stress that I had back then. Good thing that I have Clean Group as my regular cleaner, they called me and told me that they also do steam cleaning. They took my worries right there and then. We will have a long way to go, guys!”

Terry M. also says in another featured testimonial, “I have been changing cleaners after cleaners. I lost faith in commercial cleaning and what it can do until I met Clean Group.” The review goes on to say, “It was all well handled, from the first meeting to the actual cleaning. They have exceptional cleaners who work very hard to maintain consistency with their job. Now, I never worry about how my office will look like the following morning. I can sleep soundly knowing that Clean Group has my back, and they keep my office pretty and neat.”

Those looking for a professional and reliable office cleaning company may check out Clean Group by visiting their website. Alternatively, interested parties may connect with the company via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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