Clean Group Office Cleaning Services Available in Sydney, Melbourne And Brisbane

Clean Group is a commercial cleaning service offering its services in the suburbs attacked to Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, and Brisbane QLD. The company offers a broad range of cleaning services catering to diverse locations such as offices, storefronts, retail stores, architecture strata, large gyms, fitness centers, indoor carpets, schools, colleges, universities, medical centers, hospitals, daycare centers, industrial warehouses, large factories, and many other such commercial or residential properties. More details regarding the company’s services can be read on its website at

The company has been operational for more than 20 years and employs over 50 well trained and skilled cleaning technicians. The company prides itself on using high-grade professional equipment which they claim is far more advanced than its competitors. The state of the art equipment list includes items such as HEPA multi-filtration vacuums, hospital-grade germicide disinfectants, microfiber cloths, and antibacterial microfiber mops. Another notable item in their toolkit is the use of the I-Mop which is a combination of a mop and an industrial scrubber. The company is also eco-conscious and it keeps up its commitment to a healthier environment through its choice of using Viraclean. Viraclean is an eco-friendly and effective cleaning solution that has proven effective against viruses such as Hepatitis B, Influenza, Herpes Simplex, and more.

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The company has also put special measures in place in response to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. The company’s cleaning staff has been specially trained to use equipment, tools, and cleaning agents that are highly effective in fighting COVID-19. The cleaning staff is also equipped with personal protective equipment such as corona-proof hazmat suits, respiratory masks, goggles, and gloves. These measures ensure that there are minimum chances of transmission of COVID through the staff and consequently reduces the risk of contamination of the client’s property. The staff’s cleaning methodology is thorough with an intense focus on sterilization and sanitization. The staff also customizes its cleaning routine based on the kind of property. More details about these custom methods can be found in a previous press release here:

The company employs a 3 step procedure for ensuring the best customer experience. The first step begins with potential customers scheduling a free on-site visit for receiving a quote for the designated work. The company can be reached via phone call, email, or through an inquiry form on its website. Once all the cleaning tasks are assessed, they are consolidated by a sales manager who puts together a comprehensive quote. Once the details of the job are decided and revised through iteration, a team is dispatched to the job site for the final job.

The company’s website contains many glowing customer testimonials that praise the quality of its work and the professionalism of its service. A reviewer, Amanda, says about the company, “If you are looking for a cleaner that you can trust, I recommend this cleaning company 100%. I cannot remember an instance when my instruction was not followed. The best way to go for a very detailed cleaning is to hire these guys. They make impossible, possible. Clean Group is just simply amazing.”

The company’s spokesperson, Suji Siv, says about the company’s mission, “We take an enormous amount of pride in our work. We see ourselves as our client’s personal concierge. It is that attitude and dedication that has kept us in business for over 20 years. Our technicians are highly trained in all the latest equipment. However, mere competency is not a high barometer of our value. We supplement that expertise with top-notch service. It is the reason why people keep coming back to us. Once they have availed of our services, they hardly ever consider any other cleaning company. Our only aim is to leave the customer happy at the end of the day. That is where we find our satisfaction. That is our mission.” Additional details regarding the company’s modus operandi can be found on their website at


For more information about Clean Group, contact the company here:

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