Clean Group Office Cleaners Works Towards Keeping The Community Safe From COVID-19

Clean Group, based in Sydney, is proud to announce that they have been working diligently to keep their clients’ office environments clean and protect them from the spread of COVID-19. The company has been hard at work preventing contamination for the past few months. Learn more here:

The nature of the pandemic is ongoing and unpredictable. Due to this, one must be constantly vigilant against potential new outbreaks or community spread. Clean Group would like to assure the community that their cleaning services will be available in the months to come in response to this risk. If any parties are interested in scheduling their first COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning service, they may contact Clean Group at their earliest convenience.

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This service is called the Clean Group Electrostatic Disinfection Method. Clean Group is so certain that this service is effective that their routine cleaning clients have the option of requesting their first session free of charge. A single session of this cleaning protocol is designed to ensure that an area had at least 30 days of virus protection. Due to the efficiency of this system, the team at Clean Group is sure that their clients will be confidently able to request this particular protocol on a regular basis in order to keep themselves and the premises as safe as possible. Learn more here:

The Defence Shield service offered by Clean Group employs an electrostatic sprayer application technology, in combination with a Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser. This is intended to deliver a potent disinfectant combination that kills up to 99.99% of germs for as long as a month. This service stands out as other cleaning services in the region utilize regular disinfecting sprays and wiping products to disinfect a given location. Some other services may use what is known as the fogging method, which Clean Group acknowledges as offering a slightly more effective protection from germs. However, the company would like to reiterate that only one solution is perfectly designed to offer local businesses the protection and peace of mind they need to carry out their daily work. This solution is the Clean Group Electrostatic Disinfection Method.

The secret behind the success of this method is implied in its name. The sprayers used during the application process gives a positive charge to the expelled disinfecting solution, allowing it to stick and cling around surfaces (which are negatively charged) with more efficiency. During the process, this ensures that the disinfecting solution will stick to virtually every surface it approaches while even covering the hardest to reach corners.

Examples for difficult to reach places are the many tucked in corners of an office chair. They are incredibly difficult to reach and are more likely to be overlooked. This does not happen when utilizing the Clean Group Electrostatic Disinfection Method. An additional bonus of this method is that it is time efficient, as it allows the Clean Group team to cover large areas with the specialized sprayers, as opposed to other disinfecting or cleaning methods. Learn more here:

Akeziah Millington rates the company 5 Stars on the Google platform and states that it is, “Highly Recommended! Clean Group has a great team of cleaners and staff who deeply care about clients, always arrive on time and have concentrated on making sure that we are always pleased with the results. Clean Group has been cleaning our office for over a year now, and we've never been this satisfied. I guarantee you that Clean Group does really provide high quality professional cleaning service.”

Clean Group has been in the industry for 20 years, and they have expanded their services to cover a wide region. The team can attend to almost any cleaning requirement a client may request, regardless of the location and function of the premises. They can handle locations such as offices and gyms or even medical and childcare facilities. The company is committed to understanding each of their clients’ needs, and this has ensured that the company can adapt their available services to suit any individual requirements.

Clients may visit the company website or their social media platforms for more information about available services. One may also approach the team directly via phone and email.


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