Clean Group Office Cleaners Keep COVID-19 At Bay

Sydney, NSW based Clean Group is pleased to report that they have been hard at work keeping their clients’ office environments clean and free of COVID-19 contamination for the past few months. Given the ongoing nature of the pandemic and the need to constantly remain vigilant against new outbreaks, the company reassures the community that this service will remain available for the foreseeable future. All interested parties are welcome to reach out to Clean Group to schedule their first COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning today.

Dubbed the ‘Clean Group Electrostatic Disinfection Method,’ the team at Clean Group is so confident in the effectiveness of this process that Routine Cleaning clients may request their first session for free. Given that a single application of this cleaning protocol is designed to give an area up to 30 days of virus protection, Clean Group maintains that their clients will be more than happy to engage this service on a regular basis in the interest of keeping themselves as safe as possible.

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The Clean Group Defence Shield utilises electrostatic sprayer application technology along with Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser to deliver a potent disinfectant combination that kills up to 99.99% of germs for an extended period (up to 30 days). This is notable for the fact that many other cleaning services in the industry only use regular sprays and wiping products in their efforts to disinfect a given environment. Others may use the ‘fogging’ technique instead, which Clean Group says shows a slightly higher degree of effectiveness. However, the company is adamant that only one solution is perfectly designed to offer local businesses the peace of mind they need to carry out their work in peace, and that solution is the Clean Group Electrostatic Disinfection Method.

The secret of this method’s success can be gleaned from its name: the sprayers used during these applications give a positive charge to the expelled disinfecting solution, allowing them to stick and wrap around surfaces (which are negatively charged) with greater ease. In practice, this means that the disinfecting solution will stick to virtually every surface it approaches, ensuring that even hard to reach areas will be adequately covered.

An office chair, for instance, will have many corners tucked away that are difficult to reach and therefore will be more likely to be overlooked. This is not the case with the Clean Group Electrostatic Disinfection Method, and this method has the additional bonus of being extremely swift, allowing the teams at Clean Group to cover an entire area much faster with these specialised sprayers than they would be able to using other application methods.

Clean Group’s time in the industry spans more than 20 years, and this experience gives them the ability to service a wide variety of locations. They can attend to virtually every cleaning requirement a client may have no matter where their premises are located or what their function is, from offices and gyms to medical and childcare facilities. The company’s commitment to understanding each of their clients’ needs plays a large role in how well they are able to adapt their standardised services to deliver a more personalised and client-centric experience.

For instance, Clean Group understands that a business’ premises can be the first impression they make on a new customer. As such, it is essential for such locations to remain spotless and maintain a professional atmosphere in order to ensure that their customers enjoy their visit. Fortunately, Clean Group places a high priority on offering only the highest standards in office and commercial cleaning — and their attention to detail extends to every aspect of their services.

Clients may reach out to Suji Siv of Clean Group in order to follow up on any further inquiries or schedule their first session with the Clean Group Electrostatic Disinfection Method. Similarly, the company can be reached through their social media platforms, and more information regarding each of their services and their availability can also be found here:


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