Clean Group Offering COVID Safe Sanitising and Disinfecting Cleaning Services in Sydney

Clean Group officially starts its new commercial sanitising and office disinfecting cleaning services for businesses in Sydney. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the new sanitising & disinfection service of Clean Group intends to provide businesses with complete protection against the virus and ensure the safety of their staff. The service includes in-depth cleaning of commercial properties along with disinfection of common-touch areas & surfaces like doorknobs and handles, lift buttons, stair railing, light switches, phones, keyboards, faucets, toilet seats, etc.

Clean Group uses this new, highly effective technique, called Defence Shield, for complete disinfection of a surface, removing up to 99.99% of germs & viruses. This involves the use of an electrostatic sprayer together with Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser. The sprayer spreads out the sanitiser solution evenly on a surface, including the corners, and is TGA approved to kill most of the viruses, germs & bacteria with up to 30 days protection.

Covid 19 Cleaning Sydney

As an expert commercial cleaning company in Sydney, Clean Group helps businesses remain clean and safe with routine cleaning of their premises. In the wake of COVID, the company now also provides disinfection & sanitising service, where the cleaners clean a facility thoroughly with a special focus on removing/killing the coronavirus. “Our cleaners are fully trained in comprehensive cleaning, disinfection & sanitising of a place for proper infection control of harmful viruses, germs & bacteria. At Clean Group, we are committed to helping you keep your business premises, offices as well as your warehouse clean and protected against viruses and germs through highly effective office disinfecting and sanitising cleaning services and solutions. Call us today for a free on-site quote,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

Clean Group’s cleaners are trained in safe & comprehensive cleaning practices and know how to disinfect common-use areas and surfaces that are frequently touched by users. They use highly effective solutions and equipment to kill viruses and remove germs from a surface. To achieve the desired results for a cleaning project, the team will first thoroughly analyse the cleaning requirements of a target facility by visiting the place and discussing with the client. For instance, a business looking to re-open their office in Sydney after COVID-19 lockdown may need complete disinfection of the property to get rid of all kinds of viruses and germs from the place. Clean Group can provide the office cleaning & disinfection service at the best rates in the market. In addition, they can also perform regular (recommended weekly) cleaning & disinfection of the place to ensure ongoing health safety of the workers once the offices are open.

COVID-19 or coronavirus is a pandemic that has been around now for over eight months. Businesses, especially physical premises like stores and offices, have had the biggest impact due to the pandemic. Now that businesses are looking to re-open their facilities in Sydney, they can avail the disinfection cleaning services of Clean Group for regular disinfection and sanitising of their premises to ensure the safety of their workers and clients. To make sure that all types of commercial properties, including both small and big, can avail their services, Clean Group is offering cleaning & disinfection at quite nominal rates, with free “First COVID-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning” for new routine cleaning clients, know more here: . In other words, new routine cleaning clients of Clean Group can avail free Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning for the first time.

The COVID-19 virus spreads through touch and can survive on a surface for many days, which is why it’s important to keep surfaces clean and disinfect them regularly. Clean Group has been helping businesses in Sydney maintain a safe and germ-free work environment through routine cleaning and disinfection. Their unique disinfection method has been TGA approved to kill up to 99.99% germs from a surface and provides up to 30 days of protection. Having a team of 50+ expert & trained cleaners and huge experience of 20+ years in industrial cleaning, they can clean any facility, irrespective of the size. Also, they can disinfect almost all kinds of surfaces, including office floors, walls, doors, windows, toilet seats, wash-basins, bins, lifts, staircase, etc. to guarantee the complete safety of the workers and clients.

For hospitals and medical centres, they provide specialised cleaning & sanitising services, where all the sensitive items and equipment like hospital beds, surgery equipment, machines, etc. are sanitised for complete safety from all kinds of viruses & germs.

Businesses looking to get their facilities, offices, warehouses, etc. cleaned and disinfected for COVID-19 can send their enquiries to the Clean Group sales team by dropping an email to or calling on 1300-073-089


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