Clean Group Melbourne Offers Affordable After Builders Cleaning To its Customers At Competitive Rates

Construction cleans can be costly, especially if one lives in the New South Wales area and want to hire a professional after builders cleaning agency. But, there are companies like Clean Group that continue to offer top-quality after builders cleaning at affordable rates that meet everyone’s budget.

Clean Group is a seasoned provider of commercial cleaning & office cleaning services in Melbourne, Australia. The company has been in existence for over 20 years and is trusted by hundreds of local businesses for their routine and occasional cleaning needs. The key thing to note about the cleaning company is that they have made their reputation by consistently providing top-class services at affordable rates to local businesses in Australia. In fact, the cleaning rates of Clean Group are far lower compared to other companies of the same age.

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“Most of our clients are small businesses like retail stores and offices. Spending a huge on cleaning is not possible for most of them, which is why we have come up with this unique setup, where we are able to provide the best quality cleaning according to their needs without causing a lot of financial burdens. We at Clean Group specialize in office cleaning, after builders cleaning, gym cleaning, strata cleaning, and other commercial cleaning works,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

Melbourne is one of the top 100 most expensive cities in the world. So, of course, the cost of basic services like education, cleaning, etc. is more here compared to other, smaller cities in Australia. But, at the same time, the need for regular cleaning, especially for business premises, cannot be simply ignored. Local stores in Melbourne, for instance, receive hundreds of customers daily, who bring all kinds of dirt and dust on their shoes, making the place not so clean and healthy. Without regular & proper cleaning, this will not only make the business place look bad but also put the safety of people, customers & staff at risk. But, it leaves the dilemma on how one gets the best commercial cleaning in Melbourne given the high cost.

Clean Group is the answer. The company has been catering to the cleaning needs of its fellow businesses in and around Melbourne for over 20 years now. It specializes in delivering bespoke advanced office cleaning solutions to fit the particular needs & budget of a business.

Besides office cleaning and medical cleaning, Clean Group also provides construction cleaning services through a team of dedicated after builders cleaners, who have relevant experience in the cleaning of buildings post-construction and renovation.

“Cleaning a new building or a property after recent innovation is not easy. Your builders might have left a lot of debris and dirt that’s not easy to clean. Therefore, you can't rely on inexperienced cleaners for such a job. We at Clean Group provide complete after builders cleaning at affordable rates,” says a company representative.

The after builders cleaning services of Clean Group include basic cleaning followed by deep cleaning. The purpose of basic clean is to clear any debris and dirt, dust from the place. They will vacuum clean and mop all the hard surfaces, including floors as well as wipe objects, furniture, windows, etc. The deep clean involves in-depth cleaning of the premises, including removal of stains of paint, oil, etc. from the surface of floors, furniture and other objects, straightening of grout lines, performing minor repairs, among others. The final clean will make the place completely spotless and ready to use.

Clean Group Melbourne provides after builders cleaning services to both commercial and residential strata properties. They use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment like the I-mop scrubber that involves limited use of money and also automatically dries the surface of water and moisture, making it instantly ready to use after cleaning. All the company cleaners and staff are fully experienced, trained and checked for background by the police. In short, they are totally safe to work with. Clean Group also provides cleaning services to a range of other commercial premises including offices, hospitals, malls, gyms, clubs, restaurants, etc. They are known for their high-quality cleaning services that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the best price in the market.

Interested businesses looking for a reliable and affordable after builders cleaning service provider in Melbourne can visit the Clean Group website to request a free quote or to book an appointment.


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