Clean Group Is Providing Emergency Covid Cleaning Services For Sydney Businesses

Clean Group Sydney is a company that is fully aware that these are unprecedented times as far as the fight against COVID-19 is concerned and professional commercial cleaning services such as them are on the front lines in this battle. That’s why this company has gone to great lengths to enhance its training, cleaning equipment, and sanitizing chemicals to better prepare for this fight. Out of this, the company has developed several highly impactful COVID-19 cleaning services. This includes offering Emergency Covid Cleaning Service to Sydney businesses that have experienced a shutdown due to a high number of virus cases being traced to them as the source.

Stephen Matthews, the Sydney Area Operations Manager at Clean Group, says, “I have seen some challenging times in my many years in the commercial cleaning business but nothing comes close to what we are seeing today. Our company is constantly having to adapt and overcome the unique challenges that COVID-19 presents when it comes to treating commercial workspaces to prevent virus spread. We at Clean Group Sydney are always ready to meet those challenges and a perfect example of that is our Emergency Covid Cleaning Service. Our company will continue to stay very proactive when it comes to developing impactful commercial cleaning services to help fight the spread of COVID-19.”

Covid cleaning Sydney

The Sydney Area Operations Manager added that the last year has also hit businesses hard financially and if a business gets shut down due to COVID-19 concerns it only makes matters that much worse. That’s where their Emergency Covid Cleaning Service can be a big help. It’s a COVID cleaning service for workspaces that goes well beyond what ordinary disinfection treatments can do because it provides a much deeper level of disinfection. The company is so meticulous when doing their emergency Covid cleaning services in Sydney, they have even developed an extensive checklist of the specific cleaning tasks that need to be addressed when performing it. Matthews said that since their Emergency Covid Cleaning Service is done in strict accordance with the Australian Health Department requirements for reopening a business, those businesses that use this advanced emergency COVID-19 cleaning service will have an easier time resuming operations.

Matthews mentioned that one of the keys to their Emergency Covid Cleaning Service being so effective and respected is that they use special electrostatic sprayers to get the job done. The electrostatic effect of these sprayers allows the disinfecting chemicals that are applied by them to actually bend around objects in a workspace. This results in much more than just the top surface of these objects getting treated. He also emphasized that their electrostatic spray disinfection services should not be confused with disinfectant fogging (a process that is not recommended by Safe Work Australia). This is because it’s thought to do a better job of coating more surface area on high-touch surfaces such as door handles, desks, chairs, lift buttons, keyboards, computer mouse, water faucets, and light switches. It is widely considered to be one of the best ways to disinfect bathrooms, kitchen areas, workspaces, and other high-traffic areas of a business.

The Sydney Area Operations Manager went on to say that not only do they act progressively when it comes to the equipment that they use to do their COVID-19 cleaning services but they also make it a point to use cleaning chemicals that are thought to be the most effective against the virus. They do this by paying close attention to the guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting commercial workspaces that the Australian Health Department and Safe Work Australia are constantly updating and making public. He says that their COVID-19 cleans are currently being aided by the use of a health department TGA-approved chemical. This chemical is so impactful because it’s designed to provide up to 30-days of disinfection to surfaces without posing any health risks to employees and visitors of a business.

Matthews stated that their Emergency Covid Cleaning Service is just one of the many disinfecting services that their company has developed in response to the ongoing virus crisis. They also offer regular Covid deep cleaning services, COVID precautionary cleaning, and other COVID-centered disinfection and sanitizing services. He welcomes those businesses that would like help in establishing their own Covid cleaning guide or want to get more information on their COVID-19 disinfection services to get in touch with them by phone, email, or website contact form.


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