Clean Group is on Its Way to Becoming the Best Commercial Cleaners Melbourne

Clean Group is all about bringing the difference to the cleaning industry, They have consistently served businesses and organisations in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra with the highest standards of workmanship, and now the company is ready to compete with all the well-settled Commercial Cleaners Melbourne. The company announced that they have started providing commercial cleaning services in Melbourne as well.

Founded by Suji Siv, Clean Group Melbourne is trusted for its proficiency and sincerity. It is well-known for providing comprehensive services ranging from small office cleaning to mega-construction cleaning projects at the most competitive rates. The company has been providing professional commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, strata cleaning, and also residential cleaning for the last 10+ years in many suburbs in Australia.

Commercial Cleaners Melbourne

Suji Siv on this occasion said,“We are very excited to introduce Commercial Cleaners Melbourne services, it will allow us to provide our quality services to more and more people and helps us to save more time.” He further added, “There are some great commercial cleaning services in Melbourne but only five-star rated companies are providing comprehensive cleaning services but their prices are high. There are some small companies providing services at a lower cost but don’t have access to cleaning machines and also sometimes their quality dips below standard. Clean Group is eager to fill the market gap with the team of cleaning experts, cleaning instrument, quality cleaning compounds, and our commitment.”

He added, “The difference between a sub-standard cleaning task and a service that will leave you satisfied for a very long time. A professional cleaning company like Clean Group is known for its team, services portfolio, and equipment and machine it uses in cleaning. Normally firms contract someone as per their cost, however, Clean Group has an in-house team that is trained, tested and approved to handle professionally cleaning projects efficiently.”

Clean Group, under this inexpensive Commercial Cleaners Melbourne services will complete the cleaning job in three sections: first, the regular cleaning will be conducted, then detailed and deep Cleaning will take place and at last, sanitization will take place.

Their experienced team members will first conduct an inspection of the complete area and then they will create a strategy for the same. Under this cleaning service, they will conduct cleaning, mopping, drying, and then sweeping refinishing and if needed polishing of floor; Vacuum mats and carpets; cleaning all other surfaces, Vacuum hard floors; office equipment cleaning; workstation surfaces cleaning; Window Cleaning; Wipe and dust all horizontal surfaces; deep Cleaning of Kitchen and cafeteria; Clean and polish mirrors; Cleaning of Carpets and Upholstery; Cleaning stainless steel; Clean elevators and stairs; Cleaning of bathrooms, sinks, toilets, urinals; restocking washroom consumables; removal and disposal of trash; cleaning of parking; Emptying rubbish and recycling bins, Ensure all areas are cleaned and arranged neatly; wipe again all glass surfaces, and Restocking washroom consumables.

There are 50+ well-trained professional cleaners in their team, and they have access to all the required cleaning tools, equipment and machines. They use the hot water method to conduct deep cleaning. However, the company also has a ULV fogging machine, electrostatic sprayers, polishing machines, air blowers, and various other types of cleaning machines.

Clean Group uses only government-approved cleaning compounds and sanitizing chemicals. Their team said that they only use effective and environment-friendly cleaning compounds with hot water to provide the best possible result. However, as per need, they can also use big machines which save a lot of time and effort.

When the world is still trying to back on track the company is also offering sanitization of the commercial premises along with cleaning services. Under this, they will sanitize light switches, railings, desk stuff, doorknobs, water bottles, door handles, electronic equipment, toilet seats, window sills, etc.

Clean Group not only provides Cleaning services at commercial places like office buildings, warehouses, and retail buildings (convenience stores, big stores, and shopping malls). They also offer quality cleaning services at places such as schools, strata places, stores, parking spaces, gyms, hotels, care centres, restaurants, hospitals, and any other premises.

Clean Group provides High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Melbourne Services at Affordable rates, So, offices and organizations can get a free quote by contacting them through email, call, or form available on the official website.


For more information about Clean Group Melbourne, contact the company here:

Clean Group Melbourne
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