Clean Group Introduces The Most Sophisticated After Builders Cleaning Services in Australia

Clean Group, a Sydney-based commercial cleaning agency, is proud to introduce the most sophisticated after builders cleaning services for commercial property owners in Australia. They are a Sydney-based local cleaning service provider with a combined experience of more than 20 years in all types of commercial cleaning services for a variety of properties across the country. The company almost exclusively caters to the cleaning needs of commercial properties, including offices, hospitals, restaurants, malls, schools & universities, gyms, and others in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Also, they provide after builders cleaning services for newly-built and renovated properties.

Clean Group is a reputed name in Australia’s commercial cleaning market. The company is trusted by hundreds of business owners, including government offices, for routine as well as personalised cleaning of their facilities. There are multiple reasons why Clean Group is regarded as a reliable cleaning service provider. These include the company’s huge experience of 20+ years in the commercial cleaning market; their capability to offer bespoke solutions according to the clients’ needs; a brilliant team of 50+ in-house cleaners who all have been trained in safe & efficient cleaning practices; understanding of local businesses & their needs; their strict policy of using only eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions for all cleaning projects; and a foolproof cleaner hiring process that involves police-verification and background-check.

After Builders Cleaning

For the cleaning of new and under-construction properties, Clean Group has a separate team of cleaners who are experienced in this kind of cleaning job. All these cleaners have been trained in the company’s safe cleaning practices to avoid unnecessary damages and are provided with all the required resources, safety gear and the most effective cleaning solutions for great results. From time to time, the company keeps updating its policies to meet the latest and best safety standards. Having a lot of experience in after builders cleaning helps their cleaners achieve good results for their clients.

Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group, says, “Here at Clean Group, we offer tailored and affordable after construction cleaning services to businesses and households across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our cleaners are trained to thoroughly clean your place after construction work for dust, debris, rubbish as well as defects such as grout lines, window splatters, grout haze, paint marks, and more.”

“Builders cleaning is very different from your regular cleaning tasks. It involves heavy work, and experience certainly pays here. After a construction or renovation work, the place might be full of dirt, debris, dust, etc. as well as might need maintenance. That’s why hiring a professional after builders cleaner is your best option in the case,” adds Siv.

Clean Group provides all standard cleaning services for a recently constructed or renovated property. Basically, they will “transform your property into a ready to live or work place” through required cleaning and maintenance. Their construction cleaning services include removal of dirt, dust & debris from the surfaces, collection and removal of construction waste, cleaning of paint marks from walls, windows, surfaces, etc., furniture cleaning, floor cleaning and repairing, grout straightening and removal, carpet cleaning, outdoor cleaning, sweeping, wiping and pressure washing, and more.

The after builders cleaning process followed by Clean Group involves two stages - basic clean, and deep clean & repair. First, they will clean the target property to remove any dirt, dust and waste left by the builders. This includes the cleaning of walls, floors and windows. The second stage involves the cleaning and maintenance of tiles, grout removal, cleaning of paint marks and other stains, finishing of tiles, etc. The overall process is known to deliver exceptional results for newly built or renovated properties.

Clean Group has experienced construction cleaners that real-estate businesses can hire for all their property cleaning needs at an affordable prices, to know more read .Their cleaners use advanced equipment & technology and bring their own resources and solutions for a cleaning project. They are trained to pay attention to detail and carefully listen to the client’s suggestions in order to better meet their needs.

The company offers a complete range of cleaning services. In addition to post-construction cleaning, they also provide professional cleaning services to offices, factories, warehouses, gyms, malls and all other types of commercial properties. Their services are backed by a dedicated support team that can be reached via phone, email or online chat for any queries or support needs.

Businesses can contact Clean Group for their after builders cleaning needs and all other kinds of commercial cleaning requirements in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


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