Clean Group in Sydney Explains Covid 19 Deep Cleaning

Clean Group, a Sydney-based company, has recently published a blog post that explains what is Covid-19 cleaning. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, they also offer Covid 19 deep cleaning services to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This particular virus can be spread through sneezing and coughing, contact with an infected person, or even contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus. Studies have shown that the virus can remain on certain materials for a period as long as five days. The Clean Group has a team of cleaning professionals who have been trained on proper disinfection procedures to provide the necessary Covid 19 deep cleaning needed in offices and commercial establishments.

Suji Siv, CEO and owner of Clean Group, says, “We value the money invested by our clients by ensuring them with effective cleaning services. We offer quality cleaning with respect to the coronavirus commercial cleaning services so as to ensure that your staff members inside the office continue their work and will remain safe and secure. Apart from that various cleaning companies which provide services for Covid cleaning services in New South Wales.”

Their Covid 19 cleaning services consist of an in-depth cleaning, including wiping, moping, and sweeping. They will sanitize various items, such as switchboards, doors, phones, computers, and those things that are commonly touched by people in the office to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Deep cleaning can help in fighting viruses that can remain viable on surfaces for a number of days. For instance, it has been found that the coronavirus can remain on glass for up to 5 days, wood for 4 days, plastic and stainless steel for 3 days, cardboard for 24 hours, and copper surfaces for 4 hours.

The Covid 19 cleaners at the Clean Group provide Covid-19 disinfection commercial cleaning services, which is the process for decreasing and killing viruses along with other microorganisms. For the coronavirus, it is required to regularly clean and sanitizes commonly used items, such as the remote, phones, door knobs, etc. These include various surfaces touched on a daily basis, such as chairs, doorknobs, tables, desks, faucets, light switches, sinks, and more. The cleaners will wear gloves and a mask as a precaution.

The cleaning company has been in the business for more than 15 years and are knowledgeable on how to deal with biological contaminants. Furthermore, their cleaning professionals have been properly trained to deliver the potential cleaning, which consists of structure or facility cleaning and disinfection. This includes the disinfection of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfection services, cleaning of porous and non-porous grounds, tools, and/or supplies that are used for disposing of wastes and the cleanup process.

They will focus on certain commercial areas, such as: kitchen/food areas; bathrooms; schools/classrooms; offices; retail spaces; water fountains; shelving/racks; sales counters; carpets and rugs; stair handrails; elevator cars; playground equipment; and fitness equipment. Covid cleaning is very much in demand in various kinds of commercial establishments, such as offices, schools, and shopping malls. They all want a thorough cleaning of the inside and outside areas of their premises.

Meanwhile, it is important to know the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting. Sanitizing is used to reduce viruses and bacteria to the appropriate levels which are specified by the public health standards to minimize the danger of infection. This is one step up from cleaning but it is not aimed at killing all the viruses and bacteria on the grounds.

On the other hand, disinfecting involves the use of an effective quality disinfectant that can reduce or kill all kinds of viruses, bacteria and contamination from the area that is to be cleaned. When it is the question about the disinfectant, it is important to choose a hospital-grade or one that has been approved by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is the most formidable standard for disinfectants.

Those who require Covid cleaning services can check out the Clean Group Sydney website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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