Clean Group Improves Their Commercial Cleaning Process By Adding COVID Safe Protocols

Sydney, NSW based Clean Group is pleased to announce that they have succeeded in bolstering their services via the addition of an enhanced Covid cleaning protocol. This protocol has already been deployed on several commercial properties and offices, disinfecting all exposed surfaces as well as protecting the area from future risk of infection for some time. Those looking for the best commercial cleaning service in Sydney and so on are welcome to contact the company today.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is considered by some to have come under a moderate degree of control, it remains true that businesses that continue to operate under the present circumstances are at risk of infection. This risk can be introduced via a number of sources, including customers (especially for businesses that rely on a great deal of personal contact with their community) and staff as well as personnel from other companies the business works with.

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In addition to posing a health risk, a business that registers an infection may have to close down for a certain period until they test all their staff and run a full disinfection service. With so many businesses already struggling to stay afloat amidst the upheaval caused by the pandemic, this can represent a catastrophic loss of productivity and income.

Clean Group has leaped to answer this problem by offering their certified emergency and precautionary Covid deep cleaning services to local businesses. Their team arrives at each business’s premises armed with industry leading equipment (such as TGA-approved hospital-grade disinfectant) that they use to wipe out any trace of the Covid-19 virus — up to 99.99% of viral pathogens — from the area. Notably, this decontamination service is compliant with NSW Health department guidelines, offering businesses the peace of mind they need to maintain productivity despite the challenges they face.

Many of the company’s new clients will be pleased to learn that their Covid cleaning and disinfection services are executed in two stages. As the name implies, their work involves both cleaning as well as disinfection, and these represent two distinct aspects of each service. Clean Group explains that the first stage is equivalent to the company’s standard commercial cleaning service, and it serves to eliminate dust, dirt and so on from every surface on the premises. This includes walls, windows, counters, floors and carpets in offices, receptions, storerooms, kitchens, bathrooms and communal areas.

Once this is complete, the second stage can begin. Here, the company follows a personalised plan to ensure all surfaces are disinfected — with a particular emphasis placed on what they call ‘high touchpoint’ items (any item that is regularly handled or touched by a person). As such, a client may expect the company to have thoroughly disinfected furniture, computer terminals, phones, door handles and more by the time they are done. Clean Group utilizes both a powerful commercial sanitiser and advanced electrostatic sprayer technology to achieve this.

Clean Group is widely considered to be one of the most committed cleaning providers in the region, and this is supported by the feedback the company regularly receives from their customers. Google reviews, for instance, award the company a high rating for their work. H. Horton’s review shares, “We took this cleaning service. They were on time and did a wonderful job. Absolutely happy with their work and will consider this service again and suggest it if anyone needs it. I can say I’ve finally found quality service providers.”

Another review from M. Mamon touches on how convenient it is to book the service as well as the quality of the team’s overall conduct. The review says that Clean Group delivered a, “Very professional and friendly service. A very thorough job completed. Good value as well. Automatic quotation system from their website is easy to use. Many thanks.”

Those looking for the best office cleaning services in Sydney and beyond are welcome to contact Suji Siv of Clean Group to request an estimate. Further details regarding the company’s various services, including their Covid protocols, can be found on their website. Clean Group can also be reached through their social media platforms.


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