Clean Group Famous For Eco-friendly Green Commercial Cleaning in Australia

Clean Group is proud to be one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Australia with a focus on green and eco-friendly cleaning. The company is known for its safe cleaning solutions and practices that are not just highly effective but also completely harmless for the environment and people. Clean Group offers green commercial cleaning services on both routine and one-off basis to all kinds of business facilities in and around Sydney. Their major services include office cleaning, carpet cleaning, disinfecting & sanitising, strata cleaning, medical cleaning, retail cleaning, school cleaning, gym cleaning, church cleaning, after builder cleaning, NDIS cleaning & maintenance, warehouse cleaning, and childcare cleaning.

Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Groups, says, “Clean Group believes that we all share the responsibility of preserving the only planet we have. And so we do our part by providing Sydney cleaning services that are safe and eco-friendly. Our goal is to help business owners reduce their impact on the environment. We take several steps to ensure that our services remain eco-friendly, yet effective. One of them is making our cleaners only use cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable.”

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Increasing pollution and planet temperature backed by global warming are major concerns of the world. Unsafe and non-certified cleaning practices, including the use of toxic solutions, are harmful not just for the environment but also for human beings and pets. Clean Group proposes to deal with the problem through its green and eco-friendly cleaning services. They have their own range of green cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Their cleaners are trained in safe cleaning practices, ensuring the security of the environment and living beings around a place. Most of the cleaning products and solutions used by their cleaners are organically made through a sustainable farming process, which makes sure that there are no harmful effects during or after cleaning. By allowing the use of only non-toxic or chemical-free solutions, Clean Group not only ensures the complete health safety of their cleaners but also protects their customers, families and workers from the adverse impacts of toxic chemical-based cleaners.

Besides making sure to use only green solutions and practices in each of their cleaning projects, their cleaners are also trained to follow several other means to benefit the environment and limit the wastage of resources. These include the use of cleaning methods that require less water during clean up, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and techniques, using microfibre technology, effective maintenance of the cleaning equipment, and using biodegradable items like wipes and clothes. All these things are used as an integral part of Clean Group’s green commercial cleaning service. What’s great about their cleaners is the fact that they have experience in the cleaning of a wide variety of business premises, including offices, warehouses, retail stores, schools, medical centres, childcare, and gyms, and they can easily adapt to any new kind of situation without hampering the performance.

Green Cleaning is the ultimate USP of the Clean Group, as they are committed to providing efficient green, eco-friendly cleaning services in Sydney. To support their commitment to protecting the environment and the health of customers, the company invests heavily in green cleaning technologies and innovations such as biodegradable cleaning resources and products, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, tools and equipment such as the iMop floor scrubbers and microfibre cloths.

The microfibre cloths used by the Clean Group cleaners are made from polyester and nylon. Having a net-like surface, the cloth can easily absorb moisture and dirt from a surface, giving better results with each clean. Also, the microfibre cloths can be re-used again and again without the need to replace or decompose for a long time. The scrubber they use is called the iMop floor scrubber. It’s a type of walk-behind scrubber that is combined with a dryer and has powerful twin counter-rotating scrubbers to clean all kinds of dirt and stains from the surface. Both the tools involve little to no use of water and still deliver the best cleaning results. Moreover, they limit chemical use in the cleaning process by up to 40%.

The use of green cleaning technologies, solutions and equipment by Clean Group enables them to deliver cleaning services that are totally safe for the environment and humans. Through innovative green cleaning solutions, their cleaners also help clients save more while reducing their carbon footprints.

Clean Group is trusted by hundreds of businesses all across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for efficient and eco-friendly cleaning services. With over 20 years of professional cleaning experience, they have been consistently delivering quality services.

Businesses in need of a reliable and eco-friendly cleaning service can contact Clean Group via their website or call their sales team at 1300-073-089.


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