Clean Group Experts Share Medical Cleaning Tips for Hospitals & Healthcare Centres in Sydney

Clean Group, a Sydney-based ( commercial & medical cleaning agency is stepping up to help local businesses stay afloat during these difficult times. The company provides a full range of commercial cleaning services, including cleaning & disinfection services to local hospitals, health care centres, etc. Their team consists of expert cleaners coming from different backgrounds and having substantial experience in the cleaning of sensitive places like hospitals. In a bid to help local businesses in Sydney and surrounding suburbs understand the significance of proper cleaning, Clean Group regularly shares useful cleaning tips on its official blog.

“As a responsible and caring local business in Australia, we deeply care about the welfare of our society, clients and fellow businesspersons in the country. In these troubled times, when every business seems to be struggling to stay open, we are committed to helping them keep their premises clean and free of viruses through disinfection cleaning by our experts. This includes local hospitals and healthcare centres around the city. Our team doesn’t just provide efficient hospital cleaning services, but our cleaners also regularly share helpful cleaning tips, suggestions and methods for local businesses on the company's blog. You can read them for free on our website,” says Suji Siv, Clean Group owner and CEO.

Medical Cleaning

As the world is combating the coronavirus and many other known and unknown diseases, it is now more important than ever for hospitals to maintain a clean and safe environment for their patients. A hospital or health centre is the last place where one will expect to get infected from a disease. However, the probability of catching a virus is also the highest in a hospital that has not been properly cleaned or disinfected. Sadly, this issue is common with many hospitals in the city that pay zero attention to safely cleaning their premises or have inexperienced cleaners for the job. All such hospitals and many other businesses can learn useful cleaning tips from the Clean Group through their blog.

When cleaning a hospital or similar property, Clean Group cleaners follow a specific approach, which includes cleaning and disinfecting all the hospital rooms, patient beds, machines and instruments, etc. Also, they disinfect all the common areas and things like chairs, tables, desks, computers, phones, lift buttons, light boards and switches, handrails, doorknobs & handles, etc.

“Cleaning first is important in order to remove the dirt particles from the surface. After cleaning a surface or object, we use a disinfectant spray to cover the area and kill bacteria or viruses on it,” says a Clean Group expert. They use microfibre cloths for removing dirt and germs from a surface. That, combined with the right detergent or disinfectant, can ensure up to 100% germ protection. Also, they use the iMop floor scrubber to reach and clean hard-to-reach surfaces and corners that are otherwise ignored by regular cleaners in hospitals. Germs and bacteria can often be found in these hidden places because of the lack of cleaning. Clean Group cleaners have the resources and experience to clean all such areas properly and with effective results.

Besides using the right detergents/disinfectant along with the right cleaning approach, it’s also important to wait long enough for the cleaning solution to be effective. Most disinfectants, for instance, need to be in contact with the surface for at least 5-10 minutes in order to kill germs and bacteria. The Defence Shield technology used by Clean Group has already been receiving much appreciation country-wide because of its outstanding capability to kill viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. It has been TGA-approved to be able to kill up to 99.99% bacteria from the surface and provide up to 30 days of germ protection. It involves the use of their proprietary Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser along with an Electrostatic Sprayer to sprinkle the solution on the surface in question and then leave it for some time for the solution to get soaked properly.

Also, their cleaners use color-coded microfibre cloths for different areas so as to avoid cross-contamination. Naturally, the cloths used for the cleaning of bins, floors, etc. must not be used for the cleaning of other sensitive places in a hospital.

Hospitals and healthcare centres, clinics, dentists, etc. looking for a reliable hospital cleaner in Sydney can check out Clean Group’s medical cleaning services ( or call them on 1300 141 946 to request a free on-site quote.


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