Clean Group Commercial Cleaning Services Rank Among the Top Cleaning Businesses of Australia

Clean Group, a reputed Sydney-based cleaning company is pleased to announce that Clean Group Commercial Cleaning Services Ranks Among the Top Cleaning Businesses of Australia. The Company is a well-known company that is engaged in the business of professional commercial cleaning. It is focused on providing professional and in a budget office and commercial cleaning services in and around Sydney.

Clean Group has become one of the top cleaners in Australia and as per recent report various Australian businesses have been partnering with them to ensure a safe and high productivity environment in their offices.

Commercial Cleaning

The clean group is so advanced and having all the modern-day resources because of the same even during the pandemic situation, Clean Group has been providing COVID-19 Special Cleaning services along with other normal services. Some industry experts said that the Clean Group gained its current position with their commitment and practical experience of the field.

Clean Group has a team of 50+ well-experienced and customer friendly cleaners who know all the ups and down of their work. The company also provides modern and best in the markets safety clothings and gears. It keeps the technicians as well as customers 100% safe from viruses, germs, bacteria, etc.

Suji Siv, CEO and owner of the Clean Group, says, "Cleaning work especially at commercial places is hard, it takes lots of effort. Companies want to ensure a safe and clean environment in their premises that help them to build a robust first impression on their clients, investors and even their employees who come daily in the office."

He also added that, "We provide the highest standard in office cleaning and commercial cleaning services according to the specific needs of your business. This is why we ranked among the Top Cleaning Businesses of Australia. This is also a reason that many well reputed businesses are collaborating with us."

There are a number of factors that make Clean Group stand out among the other professional cleaning companies. These includes but not limited to the fact that Clean group: has 20+ years of field experience in the commercial cleaning business; has 50+ knowledgeable and hardworking cleaners; features friendly and responsive customer service reps; provides its quality services to more than 100 suburbs in Australia saturated in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland.

Along with all of the above, the company also has extensive experience in cleaning health care premises and large gyms. They also have unmatched knowledge of maintenance work to maintain cleanliness to storefronts, retail stores, and huge industrial warehouses.

They can easily ensure virus and germ-free hospitals, education centers, strata places and medical centres. The company, with all the modern day resources is capable of complying with the strict cleaning requirements of large factories, they can also provide pressure cleaning, cleaning with eco-friendly products and outdoor maintenance work.

As per the information provided, Clean Group promotes use of eco-friendly cleaning substances by using them in their own cleaning services. One such product is Viracline, an environmentally friendly and efficient commercial cleaning solution that has been certified to kill a wide range of viruses, germs and bacteria. It can also kill many common viruses including hepatitis B virus, herpes simplex virus, flu virus, and more.

As per their official website the company is also very good at using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, such as the I-mop, I-mop is a powerful machine for washing and cleaning purposes. It is a combination of smoothness of mop and power of an industry grade motor. It is capable to clean even the toughest stain.

Clean Group provides office and commercial cleaning, strata cleaning, medical centre cleaning, carpet service, gym cleaning, school cleaning, childcare cleaning, COVID-19 Cleaning, industrial cleaning, etc, services in around 100 suburbs of Australia.

Clean Group is a well reputed company in Australia with 4.5/5 rating and thousands of happy customers. Clean Group can cater to all the cleanliness related needs in an office and other commercial places. More details about the services, offers, cost and process can be easily found on their official website at Businesses looking for a professional cleaning company in Australia must take a look at their services. They can call Clean Group to experience the next level of clean environment at their premises.


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