Clean Group Cleaners Share Guidelines on Sanitising & Disinfecting of Commercial Places

Clean Group, a commercial cleaning company headquartered in Sydney ( ), is providing sanitising & disinfection services to local businesses in and around Sydney, enabling them to stay open while combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, businesses are concerned about the safety of their workers and customers while reopening after the COVID lockdown. At the same time, employees are worried about their safety when going back to work.

“The best way to ensure the health safety of your staff and customers from the COVID-19 virus is to keep your premises clean and disinfect regularly. You can do it by yourself using any government-recommended disinfectant or hire a professional agency like Clean Group for the job. If you have a commercial property that needs to be cleaned and disinfected for COVID, we recommend hiring a professional with experience and resources for this kind of task. Call us today to discuss more,” says Clean Group CEO and owner Suji Siv.

Office Sanitising & Disinfecting Cleaning

Besides providing a complete range of commercial cleaning, disinfection & sanitizing services to local commercial establishments, Clean Group cleaners also regularly share useful cleaning tips & guides through the company’s official blog. In their latest release, the company CEO talks about the importance of COVID cleaning and provides detailed guidelines for disinfection of commercial places like offices.

“Offices and similar indoors areas must be cleaned every day, preferably after work hours or first thing in the morning. Every room, including conference rooms, kitchens, toilets, etc. must be cleaned and disinfected using certified solutions. If the surfaces are dirty, first they should be dusted and mopped before disinfection could be applied,” Suji Siv said.

Clean Group cleaners provide regular cleaning and disinfection services to local businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on a regular basis. They provide cleaning services both after and before work hours, as per the clients’ convenience. Their cleaners follow the government’s guideline for safe cleaning & sanitising of indoor places like offices and strata. They use gloves, rubber boots, masks and other safety instruments while cleaning. The company regularly updates cleaning techniques with the latest & cutting-edge innovations and also trains its cleaners in safe & effective cleaning practices.

“Our cleaners always follow the company’s mandatory safety norms and practices while cleaning,” says Suji.

Prior to disinfecting or sanitising a surface, they will first clean it to remove dirt and dust. There is no sense in disinfecting a surface that is dirty, because disinfectants or sanitiser do not deal with the dirt; they only kill germs & viruses. After the surface has been cleaned or washed properly, the cleaners will apply a proprietary disinfectant solution to kill the germs and bacteria, if any. In most cases, Clean Group uses its Defence Shield technology for achieving the best results in disinfection cleaning. Clean Group’s defence shield technology has been approved by the TGA and certified to kill up to 99.99% of germs, including COVID-19, when applied to a surface and left on it for the recommended period (15-20 minutes).

“Our cleaners follow a meticulous approach while cleaning for the coronavirus. For instance, they will first clean less dirty areas and then proceed towards dirtier ones. Besides cleaning & disinfecting all indoor areas including office rooms, corridors, cafeteria, kitchens, toilets, etc., they will pay special attention to the disinfection of high contact surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles, switches, counters, desks, telephones, printers, etc,” adds Clean Group CEO.

For the regular disinfection of surfaces and high-contact areas, their cleaners use a high-quality disinfectant that has been certified to be effective against the COVID-19 virus. Also, they follow all the precautions as recommended by authorities and the company to ensure the safety of themselves and their clients. For instance, they use disposable gloves and masks and dispose of them immediately after the work is done. Also, they use colour-coded clothes and equipment to avoid cross-contamination when cleaning sensitive areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Suji Siv continued, “If your office uses a biometric fingerprint attendance system, make sure that it is cleaned and disinfected regularly. If possible, allow your employees to use RFID cards for daily check-in in order to reduce the spread of the virus.”

Businesses and local property owners looking for a reliable & effective disinfecting/sanitising service in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane can contact Clean Group for their needs or visit the website ( ) to check out the services.


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