Clean Group Breaks Down Costs For Office Cleaning Cleaning Services

Sydney NSW-based Clean Group is taking steps to help the business community understand which factors contribute to the final cost of their cleaning service. As respected and reputable office cleaning provider in Sydney, Clean Group has a wealth of experience taking every client’s individual requirements into account in order to offer a transparent rate that matches their needs, budget and schedule.

According to the company, a variety of factors are considered before a final estimate is provided to a prospective client. This includes the size of the building in question (and how many buildings), any specific customer requirements that may influence how each service should be carried out (such as waste materials that need to be disposed of with special care) and even the type of materials or surfaces that will need to be cleaned. Clean Group is able to work around virtually any scheduling requirements as well, which keeps the business from having their daytime commerce from being interrupted (or vice versa).

Fortunately for customers, however, the company is always pleased to inspect the property in question thoroughly before providing a free onsite estimate. In the event this estimate exceeds the customer’s intended budget, the team at Clean Group can work with them to suggest different services that will still deliver the result they want without presenting an unnecessary financial burden. Given the company offers a comprehensive suite of services that accommodate various standards and requirements, Clean Group assures their community that they can always find a suitable solution that all parties will find agreeable.

Clean Group’s experience goes back two decades, and their time in the industry has shown them how vital it is for a business to maintain a clean and tidy working environment. While hygiene may be a more obvious requirement for medical facilities and restaurants (which the company is able to service as well), a well-kept office can both boost employee morale and present a professional face to visitors. This is true whether such visitors consist of peers in the same industry or customers who walk in off the street. Furthermore, the company takes the added measure of relying exclusively on the highest quality, non-toxic (eco-friendly) cleaning solutions to ensure office environments are both safe and germ-free.

For instance, one of the company’s most popular services at the moment is the Clean Group Defence Shield, which deploys electrostatic sprayer technology within a business’ premises to sanitize it completely. This service has seen a recent surge in interest due to its ability to combat COVID-19, which businesses across the country are keen to keep their employees and customers safe from. This technology is paired with Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser, a cleaning agent that kills up to 99.99% of germs for up to 30 days (TGA Approved). In other words, it offers a business up to 30 days of virus protection from a single application, providing minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Businesses should note that the company is currently offering a free COVID -19 Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning for new Routine Cleaning clients. This represents an excellent way for businesses to test out the service and witness first-hand how much it improves the safety of their workspaces.

The company time in the industry also means that clients may expect a highly dependable workforce to carry out their cleaning regimen. Each employee is carefully vetted by the company prior to being assigned to any client, and this means that businesses will not have to be concerned about allowing unknown individuals into their premises.

“At Clean Group, we offer nothing but the highest standards of quality services available in the market,” states the company. “We employed the most trained professional cleaners. Trust our years of experience and give us a call today.”

Further details regarding the company’s office and commercial cleaning services can be found on their website. Customers may also get in touch with Suji Siv of Clean Group or connect with the company’s social media platforms to follow up on any additional inquiries.


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