Clean Group Announces its Next Level Office Cleaning Melbourne Services

One of Australia’s leading commercial cleaning companies, Clean Group, has recently launched its next level office cleaning services in Melbourne. The cleaning company is headquartered in Sydney and provides its services in all suburbs of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. They also have an office in Melbourne with a dedicated cleaners’ team that provides all kinds of commercial cleaning services to a variety of businesses across the city. Their next-level office cleaning Melbourne service is intended to help offices and corporate buildings in the area with their advanced cleaning needs, including coronavirus cleaning.

“Clean Group is a firm that you can absolutely trust for safe and sound cleaning. We have been in this business for more than 20 years now and have a team of 50+ expert cleaners. Presently, we serve routine cleaning needs of over a hundred properties across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We also provide one-off cleaning, same-day cleaning and after builders cleaning services on a requirement basis. For our clients in Melbourne, we are providing advanced office cleaning service, which includes complete disinfection and sanitisation for the COVID virus,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

Office Cleaning Melbourne

During COVID-19, many local businesses, including corporate offices in Melbourne were badly hit. Now that the situation is recovering, most workplaces are looking to reopen. However, workers and employees in the city still don’t feel safe about going back to work because the situation is still bad, if not worse. The best employers can do to ensure the safety of their workers in such conditions is to maintain a clean and sanitary work environment with the help of a professional cleaning agency like Clean Group. The cleaners team at Clean Group can provide complete office cleaning service and ensure that all viruses and germs are removed in order to keep the employees safe.

At Clean Group, all the cleaners are trained in advanced disinfection and safe cleaning practices. They have been consistently providing expert coronavirus cleaning services to local businesses in their service regions ever since the pandemic started. Their routine cleaning services along with advanced Defense Shield ensures that businesses in Melbourne can operate in a clean, safe and sanitary environment and the employees do not have to fear about their health when returning to work. In fact, a positive boost has been noted in the number of employees willing to return to the offices where such advanced disinfection cleaning is being performed by their cleaners.

At the time of hiring, clients can select the number of times they wish to get their offices cleaned and disinfected. In other words, the cleaning service type and frequency can be requested along with the quote when scheduling an appointment with Clean Group. Based on the cleaning needs of a business, they can provide routine cleaning on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis as well as one-off cleaning on an emergency basis.

The disinfection cleaning service being provided by Clean Group cleaners to offices in Melbourne is called Defense Shield and includes the use of an Electrostatic Spray that disperses electronically charged particles containing Zoono-71 surface sanitiser on a target surface. The method ensures that the solution reaches all parts of the surface, including hidden and unreachable corners. The charged particles of the sanitiser attract and kill the viruses, germs and bacteria, making the surface safe to touch and use. Another good news is that the company is providing FREE first COVID-19 disinfection service to all its new routine cleaning clients in Melbourne.

Any commercial entity or business in Melbourne looking for an advanced office cleaning service can contact Clean Group commercial cleaning company or visit their website to explore their cleaning services.

About Clean Group

Clean Group is a Sydney-based, full-service commercial cleaning agency that was established by Suji Siv with the aim to provide local businesses with easy & affordable access to world-class cleaning solutions. The company provides reliable cleaning services in all suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It specialized in commercial cleaning and office cleaning and has a team of 50+ full-time cleaners with vast experience.

From routine cleaning to carpet cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning, after builders cleaning and more, they provide a complete range of affordable commercial cleaning services. Read the article which gives you the idea of types of services Clean Group provides.

Clean Group also offers emergency cleaning services, including same-day cleaning and corona cleaning. Contact Clean Group for a free on-site quote.


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