Clean Group Announces Attractive Pricing for Warehouse Cleaning with Free Disinfection for New Clients

Clean Group, a Sydney NSW-based commercial cleaning agency, has recently announced attractive pricing and offers, along with a FREE first cleaning offer, for its warehouse cleaning clients. In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic when the entire business world is struggling to go on, Clean Group ( ) is doing its part by providing efficient & affordable disinfection cleaning services to local businesses of all kinds, including big warehouses and factories. The company has 50+ in-house cleaners capable of delivering quality cleaning to meet the industry standards and expectations of their corporate clients.

Clean Group cleaners provide cleaning services to almost every kind of commercial properties, including offices, warehouses, hospitals, schools, care centres, malls, shops, and more. For the cleaning of large properties such as warehouses & strata buildings, they have a dedicated team of warehouse cleaners who have been trained in the cleaning of large spaces while paying attention to detail. They are provided with cutting-edge tools and resources along with best-in-class training to deliver exceptional results for every project.

Warehouse Cleaning

“At Clean Group, we take client satisfaction very seriously. That’s why we have prepared this foolproof cleaning approach where a cleaning strategy is developed based on the specific recommendations and requirements of a client. This ensures that the services provided are up to the client’s expectations. We always strive to become better cleaners and give our clients the best value for their money,” says Clean Group owner and CEO, Suji Siv.

In line with their commitment to delivering 100% value to clients, the company has released an attractive offer for all its new routine cleaning clients, including warehouses and factories in Sydney. For a limited period, Clean Group is providing FREE First Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning service to its new clients. This offer is also applicable for new warehouse cleaning clients that sign up for the Clean Group services now or in the near future.

Clean Group is a professional and one of the most experienced commercial cleaning service providers in Australia. The company was started By Mr. Suji Siv around 20 years ago in a small room in Sydney. It has since grown to become one of the most trusted commercial cleaning companies in Sydney, providing cleaning services to hundreds of local businesses in thousands of suburbs of Australia. The company provides complete, routine and one-off cleaning services to warehouses, factories, offices and all other kinds of large and small properties in the major cities/suburbs of Australia.

Clean Group Sydney has a large team along with resources to provide satisfactory cleaning results to huge premises, including warehouses. They have experience in the cleaning of a variety of warehouses, including private, public, cold storage and others. Their well-trained and experienced cleaners know where to look for dust and dust in a warehouse and how to clean corners and other hard-to-reach areas. They use state-of-the-art cleaning tools such as the iMop scrubber that offers the flexibility of a broom with the convenience of reaching and cleaning remote corners. Also, they use the company's proprietary cleaning solutions that are made to be non-toxic and safe for the environment. At the same time, they are very effective in the cleaning of hard surfaces, floors, etc. while providing complete protection against germs.

Clean Group’s warehouse cleaning service includes the cleaning of both empty and loaded properties, cleaning and mopping of floors, carpet cleaning & vacuuming, cleaning of machines, shelves, windows, doors, cartons, etc., warehouse polishing, and more. They will also disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, door handles, countertops, and others to get rid of germs and infections.

Despite being one of the leading commercial cleaning firms in Sydney, the Clean Group’s warehouse cleaning service costs much less than the competition. Depending on the size and type of a commercial property, they will provide the best quote after conducting an on-site inspection.

Also, it’s free to request an on-site inspection and analysis by the Clean Group team. Companies in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane that are looking for a reliable cleaning partner for routine cleaning & maintenance of their warehouses and/or factories in the region can contact Clean Group ( )to request a free on-site quote or to enquire more about their cleaning services and cost. Also, do not forget to avail the first FREE disinfection cleaning service by signing up for the routine cleaning package.


For more information about Clean Group, contact the company here:

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