Circle of Hope Takes Lead In Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Therapy

Reseda, California based addiction treatment facility Circle of Hope is proud to announce that they are the best choice for dual diagnosis addiction treatment in Los Angeles. The State Licensed Facility puts the care of their clients at the forefront of everything they do and ensures that everyone is able to reach their goal at their own pace.

With a boutique setting, luxury amenities, pet-friendly program and a host of other client-centered offerings, Circle of Hope sets the standard for personalized care in an attentive and welcoming atmosphere. They also utilize individualized treatment and a full array of therapeutic models, including motivational interviewing, dialectic behavioral therapy using the DBT House model for clarity and so on, combined with a client-centered and evidence-based approach to treatment that allows them to always put the care of their clients first and provide a foundation for long-term recovery.

Through their website, Circle of Hope explains “In the case of co-occurring disorders, one illness typically impacts the onset of the other, and either one may occur first. In the case of mental illness, a sufferer may turn to drugs or alcohol to alleviate the anxiety, depression or mania they feel due to their mental condition. When this use turns to abuse, as it often does, the sufferer is then at risk of developing an addiction. If addiction occurs, the sufferer now has two separate co-existing disorders to combat.”

In such cases, Circle of Hope uses specialized rehab treatments which are designed to treat the drug and alcohol abuse problem at the same time that an individual receives help for their mental issues. As with all their other full therapeutic offerings, treatment will be based on a complete background and an understanding of the disease that the patient suffers from. A large part of Circle of Hope’s rehab treatment involves the elimination of the stigma that often follows a person suffering from a mental disease and a substance abuse disorder.

One of the most frequently diagnosed and overlooked co-occurring disorders is depression. Depressed individuals can be as cunning at hiding their depression as they are at protecting their use of drugs or alcohol to escape their depression. In such cases, treatments need to be specifically designed to address the mental illness — and administered by trained experts who can manage the host of psychological issues that can be masked by drug and alcohol abuse.

Circle of Hope also shares that those who undergo treatment programs equipped with therapy are more likely to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol than those who do not. The center believes that intensive therapy is a key player in nearly all successful treatment modules across the board. The type of therapy each client will undergo during treatment is dependent upon many factors, from the presence of mental illness to the severity of their addiction. Intensive therapy is perfect for the patient who needs more than the weekly dose of therapy most programs come with. However, it should be noted that intensive therapy programs are generally designed for patients who do not need to detox.

Circle of Hope serves the Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Woodland Hills and Santa Monica communities, but they also welcome clients from across the country. They explain, “While we are located in California and serve clients from our local area, we want to assure you that we will be equally dedicated to treating you no matter where in the country you are from. Addiction is a terrible problem, and the most important step you can take to fight it is to get yourself help, and that applies to everyone, everywhere. At Circle of Hope, you can get a different experience than other treatment facilities. At Circle of Hope, we will help you set the foundation for lasting and long term recovery.”

Anyone who wants to know more about addiction treatment therapy or about Circle of Hope itself should visit the treatment facility’s website. Circle of Hope can be reached via the contact form on their website or by phone or email. The addiction treatment facility also maintains a social media presence; social media users can find the center on Facebook and Instagram.


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