Circle of Hope Stresses Importance of Grief and Substance Abuse Treatment

Circle of Hope, a luxury addiction treatment facility in Reseda, CA, wants to emphasize the importance of treating both grief and substance abuse, which is their special focus on providing rehab for mothers and those who need to make the difficult choice of going to treatment with kids at home. Grief is a natural response to the loss of a loved one or a variety of life events but it can be intensely emotional. It is the desire to turn off the emotions associated with grief that some people turn to substance abuse as a temporary escape from those feelings. Drugs and alcohol make the users feel good through the chemical changes that they induce in the reward and pleasure centers of the brain, which is what a grieving person turns to in the hope of escaping the intense pain. Unfortunately, the changes in the brain can have lasting effects that could result in a range of emotional, physical, and social issues that eventually make matters worse in the long run.

A spokesperson for Circle of Hope explains, “Drugs and alcohol have long been used as coping mechanisms for many things, as they may provide a temporary escape from reality. A pattern of chronic abuse can be detrimental to one’s health and doesn’t allow the individual the opportunity to fully experience and complete the grieving process. Abusing drugs or alcohol repetitively may lead to the development of tolerance, requiring more of the substance each time to produce the same results. This tolerance may develop into physical and psychological dependence and into an addiction. Our facilities offer evidence-based practices in a supportive, luxury treatment environment to ease withdrawal discomfort and establish long-term, meaningful recovery.”

A man confides in his group members at Circle of Hope treatment, a best choice for addiction treatment in Los Angeles and beyond

It is important to note, however, that not everyone who is grieving and drinks has developed an addiction. It is essential to look at certain warning signs that indicate a grieving person has gone too far. These include financial difficulties; obsession with alcohol or a certain drug; isolation; withdrawal from previous activities; mood swings; decline in school or work performance; taking more of the substance than intended; weight changes; failed attempts to stop using the substance; extreme low or high energy levels; tolerance; withdrawal symptoms; and more.

Circle of Hope can provide individuals with a detailed evaluation to determine the best treatment strategy, especially for people suffering from both grief and substance abuse. They offer rehab for moms, which considers the special needs of mothers grieving from the loss of a loved one and have turned to substance abuse. The problem with an addiction is that the person has developed a dependence on the substance, which means the person needs it in order to function normally. If moms suddenly stop using the substance, withdrawal symptoms appear and these may not just be uncomfortable. These can also be deadly when involving alcohol and certain medications.

And one of the worst things that can happen to a mom is losing custody of her child due to her addiction. Detox and therapy for the mother are essential in gradually creating a stable home environment again for the children. Before going to treatment, a mom may face the challenge of talking to her children about her need to go to a rehab facility. Circle of Hope specializes in helping families recover from the effects of addiction and can guide moms every step of the way through these tough conversations.

Circle of Hope offers a 12-bed luxury addiction treatment facility based in Southern California. They have a client-centered and evidence-based approach to treatment that enables them to always prioritize the care of the client and provide a strong foundation that can help clients achieve long-term recovery. They serve the Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Ventura, Santa Monica, and Woodland Hills communities, but individuals from various parts of the United States are also welcome. Their treatment modalities include: motivational interviewing; disease concept of addiction; trauma-informed care; rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT); and stages of change. Their treatment facility is found in the heart of the San Fernando Valley and is close to some of the best views, hikes, and tourist attractions of Los Angeles.

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