Circle of Hope Explains the Signs of Drug Dependence

Circle of Hope, a luxury addiction treatment center in Reseda, CA, wants to emphasize the importance of knowing the signs of drug dependence and that the person requires treatment. They want to point out the definition of who is an addict, which is someone who is powerless against the temptation for substance abuse, usually to a harmful degree. It is also pointed out that people who are struggling with an addiction never thought they would end up with such an addiction. The problem is that the brain changes as the addiction progresses, such that it becomes wired differently. Narcotics Anonymous and many experts regard addiction as a disease, which means that individuals struggling with an addiction, don’t have control over their addiction. Because of their use of this concept, they have achieved a lot of success in helping many people maintain their sobriety.

The Circle of Hope utilizes the disease concept of addiction as the philosophy behind the treatment programs that they offer. They offer a complete curriculum of addiction treatment, which include: drug and alcohol detox; residential drug treatment; intensive outpatient rehab; residential addiction treatment and rehab; dual diagnosis addiction treatment; and partial hospitalization treatment.

A man wonders whether his drug abuse rises to the level of drug addiction and whether addiction treatment at Circle of Hope los angeles can help

They also want to clarify that drug addiction and drug dependence are two different things. In a blog post that compares addiction vs dependence, it is explained that addiction and dependence affect two different parts of the brain. Dependence is more about the impact of the prolonged use of a substance on the body, including the brain. This results into a state where the body can only function normally when the substance is present. When the individual stops taking the substance, withdrawal symptoms appear because it is the reaction of the body to the sudden absence of the substance that it has gotten used to.

Meanwhile, addiction is related to the mental state of a person who has prolonged substance use. This results in the person having a compulsion to use a substance despite its negative effects. What has occurred is that what originally started as a casual and enjoyable activity has progressed into a necessity such that the individual is compelled to use the substance despite it having negative effects. The problem is that the person’s tolerance and dependence grow with time, which increases the risk of an overdose. Treatment is different because dependence can be treated by simply stopping and dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is more difficult to treat and requires various levels of treatment depending on the level of the addiction.

People struggling with an addiction may prefer outpatient treatment programs but there are cases when residential treatment may be necessary. There are a number of signs that indicate residential treatment is required. These are: continuing to struggle with sobriety after attend treatment programs; severe substance use disorder; having both substance use disorder and a mental illness; living in an environment with many challenges to recovery; and physical dependence on alcohol and rugs that require professional detox.

Circle of Hope is a 12-bed luxury addiction treatment facility in Southern California that applies an evidence-based and client-centered approach to treatment that enables them to put the client first and offer them a foundation for long-term recovery. They provide their service to members of the Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Ventura, Santa Monica, and Woodland Hills communities, but they also accept individuals from across the United States. Their concept is to treat the whole person, that is the body, mind, and spirit with their addiction treatment programs. These are personalized and specialized treatment programs designed for the specific needs, concerns and choices of the individual. They make sure to keep a 3 to 1 client to counselor ratio to allow counselors to have sufficient time to spend for each person. They offer a comprehensive continuum of care, such as: sub-acute clinically supervised detox; intensive outpatient treatment; residential addiction treatment; and transitional living and aftercare support.

Those who would like to learn more about the signs you need residential treatment and the treatment programs they provide can check out the Circle of Hope website, or contact them through email.


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