Circle of Hope Announces Luxury Rehab in Los Angeles

Circle of Hope, a Los Angeles area rehab facility, is announcing that their ‘boutique’ style 12-bed facility is proud to serve the Los Angeles area as a premier luxury alcohol and addiction management setting. Counselors at Circle of Hope build personalized plans for clients, based on the Circle of Hope philosophy and their outstanding offerings. The Circle of Hope treatment philosophy is to show understanding and compassion to anyone who seeks treatment, no matter their walk of life or past experiences. According to their website, counselors at Circle of Hope are proud to provide quality care at reasonable rates. With experienced and credentialed staff, Circle of Hope provides a comfortable and safe environment for the clients to recover from their various afflictions.

The programs available at Circle of Hope originate from various disciplines and are designed to help clients learn to address their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental needs. They practice theories from 12 step programs, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and other disciplines, such as mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual practices. They want to inspire their clients to work on changing their lives for the better, through a hopeful, healing and open environment and a focus on each client’s individual needs. They have services available for anyone who might want such treatments as detox, intensive outpatient, and aftercare, as well as acute residential and partial hospitalization. The staff works to build a relationship of trust and understanding with their clients in order to work with each client to identify the best path for them among all the options available at the clinic.

A couple enjoy the freedom achieved through addiction treatment at Circle of Hope a top luxury rehab for los angeles

People seeking addiction treatment can look to the programs at Circle of Hope to aid in their long-term recovery. Not only does Circle of Hope provide the first steps of a place to detox and then residential inpatient treatment, they also have intensive outpatient rehab and other ongoing programs to provide long term support for the people who have been through their inpatient programs, to increase the chances those people succeed in reaching their goals of overcoming their addictions. Their support systems also include an alumni program for additional ongoing support.

All of this support is necessary because the process of overcoming an addiction can be grueling, physically, mentally, and emotionally, depending on a person's individual circumstances. Just detoxing, for example, or discontinuing use of substances to allow them to leave the body, can be a challenging process, as the body experiences withdrawal from no longer having a substance available. People may need to detox from substances such as alcohol, narcotics, sleeping medication or some pain medications, and the side effects of the detox process can include insomnia, headaches, tremors, sweating, heart palpitations, muscle tension, or tightness in the chest. For these reasons, it can be beneficial to have healthcare professionals nearby while a person is detoxing, to monitor their response to the detox process and help make sure their nutritional needs are met while their body is experiencing stressful changes. Circle of Hope provides these kinds of services and more to people looking to detox from any substance.

Once a person has stopped using a substance and their body has gone through the detox process, it can be helpful to their long-term well-being for them to engage in additional treatments, a number of which are available through Circle of Hope. In addition to inpatient, residential, and outpatient programs, Circle of Hope offers treatment therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. These kinds of therapy help clients approach the possible mental precursors to their substance abuse problem, such as unresolved trauma cycles that have not received proper care and attention. Through Circle of Hope, therapy is available both to inpatient and outpatient clients, depending on the need of the individual client. Someone who wants or needs to focus all of their energy on the healing and recovery process should choose an inpatient program at Circle of Hope, and anyone who is interesting in learning more can contact the company at their website.


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