Cincinnati Pest Experts Offering Bed Bug Control Solutions

Bed bugs are becoming a more common pest in many places, not just Cincinnati, Ohio. And, unfortunately, they are practically resilient to the traditional treatments that used to work on them decades ago. Nowadays they require the treatment of an expert to fully eliminate them. Bed Bugs Strike Out is offering this service for residents throughout Cincinnati, OH.

We specialize in bed bug control solutions, which means we have a team of experts with the appropriate training and skills to efficiently deal with these tiny little pests. There are some things you can do as a property owner to help, but when you have an infestation it’s going to require superior solutions from a local bed bug expert,” the business owner stated.

The company says they also treat other pests and have technicians who specialize in different pests. This means that no matter what pest issue a customer is facing, they have a team of pros that know exactly how to handle the specific pest invading their space.

Not all properties are the same and not all treatment solutions are the same. Our techs will arrive at your property to provide a free bed bug inspection to determine the level of seriousness. When caught right away it’s usually much easier to get rid of them in a decent amount of time. However, when an infestation has occurred, it can take multiple treatments or appointments to fully eliminate them,” the owner added.

Bed Bugs Strike Out offers a heat treatment or a 4-step process. Not all properties will need a heat treatment so the technician that inspects the property will determine the best course of action to take. When the property is being inspected is the best time to ask questions and find out what may need to be done on the homeowner’s part to help the process.

You can also perform your own inspection. It’s best when done at night, using a flashlight. Simply inspect all around your bed, including the frame, mattress, etc. In addition, you should check any nearby furniture, behind nearby wall outlets, wall décor, curtains, etc. These little bugs can hide in the smallest of cracks, crevices and openings. Our bed bug exterminators know exactly where to look and can determine if bed bugs are present on your property,” the manager said.

To learn more about the bed bug solutions offered by Bed Bugs Strike Out, contact them by phone or visit them online. Never delay when bed bugs are suspected or they could multiply quickly, taking over more than just the bedroom in a very short amount of time.


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