Chuck Walker and Michael Hartshorn Will Attempt to Break a 50-Year Old Record in Teeter Totter 2021

Chuck Walker and Michael Hartshorn will be attempting to break a 50-year-old record that Chuck set in 1971 for 216 hours on a teeter-totter. They will attempt to go for 240 hours starting on July 1, 2021, to break the Teeter Totter World Record that Chuck himself set in July 1971 with Stan Johnson. The two residents of Sacramento, CA, were able to set the world record on a teeter-totter of 216 hours, from July 1 to 9, 1971. Fifty years later, Chuck is back with his friend Mike Hartshorn, who he convinced to accompany him on the other side. They will start the attempt to break the 50-year-old record on the anniversary on July 1, 2021, at noon at the Todos Santos Plaza, Concord, CA.

Chuck Walker himself says, “I began to recall how much fun everyone had, especially the kids. Do it again? Surely my kids and grandkids would get a kick out of it as well, after all, they've been hearing about it all of their lives.”

He adds, “On the 50th anniversary I will break my record and relive the experience with my family and friends. What a perfect time to distract the world with something fun and give everyone something to smile and laugh about.”

During the time that Chuck Walker and Stan Johnson set the teeter-totter world record in July 1971, Chuck was a student at the American River College while Stan was a student at the Sacramento State College. They performed the feat using a specially equipped teeter-totter in front of the restaurant where they worked. Dan Gobee, the restaurant manager who was their boss, sat in whenever they had to go to the restroom or when they had to work their shifts so that they will not lose any pay. Dan also provided them with food but it turned out that it was not necessary because the duo received a lot of home-cooked meals from friends and fans, who were mostly girls.

It should be noted that the Brady Brunch television episode in December 1971, which was the 14th episode, season 3, featured two kids trying to break the teeter-totter record. It was the 63rd overall episode of the series and was written by Jack Lloyd and Joel Kane, and directed by Russ Mayberry. It was originally aired on ABC on December 31, 1971. In this episode, two kids, Bobby and Cindy, were not invited to a relative’s wedding reception although the older kids were invited. With the goal of showing the adults that they are capable of doing anything that older kids and adults can do, they decided to attempt to break the world endurance record set for teeter-tottering.

Meanwhile, when Chuck and Stan set the world record in July 1971 in Sacramento, Hugo, a character in the comics section of the Sacramento Union, July 11, 1971 issue, was inspired by the feat and set a world record for hanging by his heels on a tree branch. In this particular comics episode, Hugo was also shown to enjoy the benefits that Chuck and Stan also enjoyed while performing the feat.

Teeter Totter 2021 will have a different location compared to the 1971 event. Chuck and Mike chose Concord, which is the biggest city in Contra Costa County, CA. It had a population of 129,295 in 2019. It is the eighth biggest city in the San Francisco Bay Area and it was established in 1869 and originally named Todos Santos by a reputed California ranchero, Don Salvio Pacheco II. Later on, its name was changed to Concord. This city is currently a major regional suburban East Bay center, which is found in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is located 19 miles east of the city of San Francisco.

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