Christine Matus, New Jersey Wills Attorney, Discusses the Importance of Having a Will

Toms River, New Jersey -- Facing the death of a loved one is difficult for any family, especially given the many legal and financial issues that need to be addressed. If the deceased family member had a valid last will and testament, it can ease the burdens of the family after a death. It can also provide immense peace of mind for an individual knowing that their assets will be distributed in accordance to their wishes and not left up to the courts.

Christine Matus, an experienced New Jersey wills attorney, has been guiding individuals for over twenty years, drafting documents such as wills and trusts to protect their assets and future legacy. She has seen how a family must often be asked to make complicated decisions at emotional times if there is not a will that can set out important guidance.

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“Although some people think that wills and trusts are only for those who have a great deal of wealth or complicated assets, anyone who owns any assets or who has children should have a last will and testament created,” said Ms. Matus. “Having a will sets out exactly what the deceased family member’s wishes were and takes so much of the guesswork and burden from a grieving family. A well-crafted will can set out which personal items go to which family member, who will be the children’s guardian, and who will be the executor of the will. These are important decisions that need to be made and families often have very conflicting opinions over who should get what and what “mom” or “dad” may have wanted. With a will, this takes all the burden from the family and allows for distribution of assets in the exact way that the deceased family member would have wanted.”

Individuals who die without a will are referred to as “dying intestate.” In this case, New Jersey law decides on who inherits the estate. An administrator is assigned by the court, and assets are then distributed according to state probate laws considering “intestate succession.” These are usually the spouse, the children, and the parents, and then on through more extended family members. Unfortunately, if there are no family members in the legal line of succession, the state may end up with the assets.

“This is why having a will is so important,” said Ms. Matus. “People work hard all their lives, and they have the right to decide who gets those assets when they are gone. Even if the state considers the closest family members in the line of succession, families are complicated. Bloodlines should not be the only reason for getting part of an estate, especially if this may have been contrary to the loved one’s wishes. At the Matus Law Group, we encourage anyone with any assets or children to have a will legally drafted, executed, and updated anytime there is a substantial change in the dynamics of their or their family members’ lives.”

Although there are do-it-yourself last will and testament online options available, most people find that getting the guidance of a New Jersey wills attorney helps simplify the process and ensures that their will is legally binding. Christine Matus and the Matus Law Group have dedicated their careers to helping families plan for their future. To learn more about the Matus Law Group, go to their website at


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