Choose Health is Offering a Convenient At Home Blood Test Kit for the Health Conscious

Choose Health, makers of an at home blood test kit have published a blog post discussing the six key health markers to live a long and healthy life.

The six key markers are cholesterol, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, inflammation, visceral fat, and average blood sugar. The blog post discusses the markers in detail, providing useful information to those who are looking to take control of their own health. Readers can keep track of the six key health markers using the company’s own specialized affordable and easy-to-use at-home test kits.

Cholesterol, though the word has negative connotations in health circles, is a ubiquitous type of fat that is present in the body and also plays a key role in the hormonal and immune systems. Some types of cholesterol, however, are deemed as “bad” and are usually responsible for cardiovascular diseases. Bad cholesterol overwhelms the cardiovascular system and leads to heart attacks and strokes. A sedentary lifestyle and the overconsumption of processed foods, trans fats, and excess sugar are the main culprits for the rise of bad cholesterol in the system. Every test kit from Choose Health includes a Total Cholesterol: HDL Ratio test which serves to measure levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Oxidative stress occurs when the respiratory system gets overwhelmed with the toxins that get left in the system after the oxidation reaction. Usually, the body’s system of antioxidants takes care of the leftover toxins. The body’s supply of antioxidants can come under duress due to poor nutrition, lots of processed foods in the diet, smoking, exposure to environmental toxins, overconsumption of alcohol, poor sleep, and chronic stress. Choose Health’s kit includes a GGT test that measures the oxidative stress levels on the body.

The function of insulin in the body is the regulation of metabolism. The body can kick the production of insulin into high gear following the excessive intake of processed foods, refined carbohydrates, excess sugar, processed vegetable oils, and prolonged inactivity. The body starts to develop a tolerance to insulin, a condition called insulin resistance that is a precursor to diabetes. The condition is linked to many disorders such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative conditions, and some types of cancer. Choose Health includes a Triglycerides: HDL ratio test in its kit which measures the body’s insulin resistance levels.

Inflammation is a healthy part of the immune system that helps the body fight infections and repair damage. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, can cause internal damage and scarring. It can be caused due to excess consumption of processed foods, including refined carbs, added sugars, trans fats, processed meats, and excessive alcohol intake. Choose Health’s kit includes the hsCRP test to measure the body’s inflammation levels.

Fat plays the important role in energy storage in the body. However, when the fat starts accumulating around the abdominal areas and surrounds the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, it starts to impair their function. The increase in unhealthy visceral fat is caused by a high intake of processed carbohydrates, excess sugar, poor quality vegetable oils, and an inactive lifestyle. Choose Health includes a body composition test in its kit to measure the body’s visceral fat levels.

The average blood sugar level is a key indicator for the onset of type 2 diabetes which can compound the risk for cardiovascular disease. Rising blood glucose levels can throw off the body’s delicate balance leading to direct damage of many of its biological processes. In most cases, excessive dietary intake of refined carbohydrates and added sugar along with high insulin levels are the reason behind rising blood sugar levels. Choose Health includes the Hba1c test in its kit to measure the body’s average blood sugar levels.

The kit produced by Choose Health helps patients keep an eye on all the six key blood markers from the comfort of their homes. Readers can contact the company at the email address or at the phone number (202) 505-6974 for all inquiries.


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