Chiropractor Offers Spinal Decompression In Brentwood, West Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA-based Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab would like to reach out to West Los Angeles residents who may be looking for spinal decompression services. The clinic offers a variety of services aimed at alleviating pain and treating spinal issues.

Spinal decompression can help treat a number of issues, including disc herniation, disc bulge, sciatica and more. Using a table, which is operated by both a manual and automated system, Prodigy offers far more flexible and versatile treatment. “Auto-Flex allows us to treat our patients manually or easily switch to Auto-Flex for Motorized Flexion,” says the clinic. “Using the Auto-Flex Control Panel, we can set the exact speed and the number of treatment cycles. We also have complete control while the table is in motion to change the speed and amount of flexion at any time.”

Their spinal decompression table’s control panel is hinged for easy readability which allows the chiro care experts at Prodigy to set the correct treatment time, traction poundage and a number of other factors with great ease and accuracy. With ankle straps attached to the patient, Prodigy can administer long-axis traction at a specific poundage. The patient is secured by a counter traction strap around the waist and, during treatment, the table can also be locked in a lateral or flexion position.

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez is the lead doctor at, and owner of, Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cal State Northridge after having served in the army in 1989. He later earned his doctorate in chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2000 and has opened multiple successful practices since 2002. Dr. Rodriguez’s care focuses primarily on finding out the root cause of a particular problem and treating it as opposed to merely treating the symptoms. He uses a variety of methods, including physiotherapy rehab, spinal manipulations, decompression and the flexion/distraction technique.

“Chiropractic care in Brentwood is a highly effective treatment for many back ailments and has been proven to be an effective way of healing many health conditions,” says Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab. “Millions of patients have experienced immediate relief from chronic back pain, herniated disks, degenerative nerve disorder and other lower back problems after this highly effective therapy. Spinal Decompression Therapy utilizes state of the art techniques, chiropractic exercises for posture stabilization, gentle, soft tissue stretches, spinal decompression and spinal mobilization. Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab specializes in spinal decompression for Brentwood patients.”

Chiropractors use spinal decompression therapy alongside other treatments to relieve patients’ back pain, sciatica and muscle spasms. Most need only two or three spinal decompression sessions per year but some can find total relief in one spinal decompression treatment. Experienced chiropractors can accurately predict the exact amount of time it takes to return the function of a joint after spinal decompression, and patients that continue to experience pain or discomfort can rest assured that the chiropractic clinic will make sure to find out exactly what is causing the pain and have it treated. Learn more here: Chiropractor Brentwood West Los Angeles.

A number of people have visited the center seeking chiropractic care, and many have in turn been so pleased as to leave positive reviews of the service they received. “I lift weights regularly and believe adjustments are fundamental for optimal recovery,” says one 5-Star Google review. “I've been adjusted by several chiropractors over the years but Dr. Casey and Dr. Rodriguez are without a doubt the best! Other perks of this office include ample parking across the street and the warm and welcoming staff. Highly recommended.”

Another review on the same platform states, “This is a very clean office! The staff are so nice and very professional. Dr. Casey is a great listener and has helped me so much with my mid back/neck problems. Since seeing her, I haven’t had any of the previous pains I was experiencing. I highly, highly recommend this office if you are in the area and looking for a chiropractor! 5 Stars.”

More information regarding the chiropractic treatments offered at Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab can be found on their official website. Read further here: Spinal Decompression Brentwood West Los Angeles.

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