Chiropractor Near Me Pleased to Announce that It Has Exceeded Its Stated Movember Charity Goal

Reflex Spinal Health, Reading's "Chiropractor Near Me", is a musculoskeletal health clinic, in Reading Berkshire, that helps meet the health needs of those in Reading, UK, and the surrounding areas. This is also a chiropractic care centre that believes in being an active member of the community that they work in. Evidence of this comes in the form of this chiropractor’s employees taking part in a fundraiser for a national charity. The charity supports many worthy men’s health issues and is titled Movember but many just refer to it as ‘The Mo’. Andy Green, the lead chiropractor at this spinal wellness facility, discussed their involvement with this charity further by saying, “Each year I like to get together with our team and to discuss a few of the charities that we’d like to help support. This year, one of those that we chose is an organization known as Movember. We felt they were a deserving charity because they are instrumental in bringing attention to several important men’s health issues which are often not discussed enough. We are also pleased to announce that our team has already exceeded our stated goal for the Movember charity.”

Chiropractor Andy Green went on to talk more about the Movember cause. This includes helping bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention. He said as a health professional he understands that by making this topic mainstream it can help encourage those who are contemplating taking their own life to seek out the help that’s available. This higher level of awareness helps people realize there is hope and they can get help; something that has already saved many lives. Movember also supports many men’s physical health causes. That includes bringing attention to prostate cancer. Something that over 10 million men in the UK have experienced at some point in their lifetime. Early detection of this cancer often leads to the successful treatment of it but unless people are aware of how common it is, then they may not get screened for it as regularly as they need to. The lead chiropractor stated that the same is true when it comes to making men more aware of the prevalence of testicular cancer. It’s another cancer that is very survivable if detected in the early stages. He also brought up that Movember is one of his favorite charities for them to support because of how straightforward they are about where the money they collect goes. It was also brought up that they had a target of £500 in mind when they started their Movember fundraiser and managed to exceed that by the end of November by having raised £525. Reading Chiropractor Andy Green's Movember link can be followed to see more details about the Movember charity organization and how their team members performed as they pursued their stated charity goal.

Reflex Spinal Health Movember chiropractors and osteopaths

In addition to being an active part of their community, this Chiropractor Near Me office offers a wide variety of non-invasive health care services. This includes many chiropractic, osteopathic, and other treatments which are intended to attempt to reduce pain and improve a patient’s overall wellbeing. They are proud to be a part of the Chiropractor Near Me Team which is made up of some of the best UK chiropractic clinics. This group has a shared philosophy in that their regulated healthcare profession that focuses particularly on the function of the spine and musculoskeletal system can have a profound impact on overall health. Most of their health centres also offer such multi-disciplinary services as osteopathy (a form of medical treatment which emphasizes manipulation and massage of a patient’s bones, joints, and muscles to treat medical disorders), massage therapy, foot orthotic assessment, and more. Green added that everyone on his clinical team, and all of his other employees, are very passionate about what they do and strives to provide a pleasant patient experience every time someone visits them for treatment. Anyone in the Reading area that would like to know more about how these Reading chiropractors and osteopaths may be able to lessen their pain and improve their overall wellbeing can contact them by phone or email to get the information that they seek.


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