Chiropractor Clinic Offers Neuropathy Treatment In Gainesville

Gainesville, FL based Florida Spine and Injury is pleased to announce that they are offering neuropathy treatment to local residents. As noted on the practice’s website, peripheral neuropathy refers to the conditions that occur when the nerves that carry messages from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body (and vice-versa) are damaged. Some symptoms of neuropathy are pain, numbness, tingling, burning, and sleepless nights. Worse cases can cause difficulty getting around, balance problems, frequent falls, and sciatica.

Peripheral neuropathy is usually caused by a lack of blood flow to the nerves. The lack of a healthy blood flow, which provides the nerves their needed nourishment, causes the nerves to decline. The protective coating around the nerves also begins to deteriorate under these conditions.

Neuropathy patients may take Cymbalta, Lyrica, or Gabapentin to combat this, but these drugs only serve to cover up the symptoms of neuropathy. Florida Spine and Injury targets neuropathy at the root of the problem. They have developed a new neuropathy treatment that is designed to reduce neuropathy symptoms and eliminate pain. This treatment is designed to restore healthy blood flow as well as reverse nerve damage. In addition to pain, it also serves to reduce numbness and tingling sensations.

Florida Spine and Injury starts the neuropathy treatment with a series of non-invasive tests to determine the severity of nerve damage. This is done to learn how the condition can be properly addressed. The treatment utilizes modern, non-invasive therapies that aid in the growth of new blood vessels and help reverse nerve damage. Moreover, custom-designed balance training programs are also created to help patients move around better without the fear of falling.

Specially-designed Neurogen-CT injections are also used for more severe cases. Neurogen-CT injections are meant to safely reverse neuropathy damage via a combination of platelet-rich plasma and platelet-derived growth factors obtained from the patients’ blood. This supports blood vessel and nerve growth, which in turn helps reverse nerve damage and get rid of symptoms. More information about the neuropathy treatment at Florida Spine and Injury can be found here:

Florida Spine and Injury asserts that many of their patients can now move around more comfortably and are free from symptoms that plagued their daily lives, thanks to the modern neuropathy treatment that they offer. In fact, many patients have spoken positively about the treatment.

On the other hand, Florida Spine and Injury also offers quality medical treatment for patients who are injured in accidents. Some of the most common injuries that they specialize in treating are whiplash, neck pain, back pain, and herniated discs. Florida Spine and Injury Clinics have a combination of medical doctors and chiropractic practitioners to diagnose, treat, and document injuries.

Patients who go to Florida Spine and Injury are expected to come prepared for the treatment that they will receive. It is recommended for patients to wear comfortable clothing and footwear as there will be physical activities involved. Staying hydrated and relaxed is also suggested.

Patients will have their medical history taken before diagnosis and treatment begins. Those involved in a personal injury accident will have to share the details of the accident. Following this, the injury will be thoroughly diagnosed. Florida Spine and Injury uses state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques, such as Digital Motion X-Ray, Quantitative Electroencephalogram, and Dynamic Surface Electromyogram, to diagnose injuries with precision and accuracy.

The primary treatment here involves spinal adjustment. To do this, the Gainesville chiropractor will place the patient in a specific position and use a controlled technique to push joints beyond their normal range of motion. Patients will hear a pop or a cracking sound, but they can rest assured that the noise is perfectly normal, created by the release of the gas built up in the joints.

After the spinal adjustment, most people feel a boost of energy or feel more relaxed, but some might experience minor discomfort. Florida Spine and Injury assures patients that experiencing soreness or a mild headache is normal for those who have suffered an injury for a long time or have never had an adjustment before. Furthermore, patients may also need post-adjustment exercises to strengthen the injured area and prevent them from injuring themselves once more.

Besides treatment, Florida Spine and Injury can also refer their patients to legal professionals in case the injury suffered results in a lawsuit. Interested parties looking for a professional chiropractor in Gainesville can head over to their website for more information as well.


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