Chimney Repair Services Now Offered to Hartford Residents

It’s not advised to ignore a problem with a chimney, regardless of how minor the issue may seem. The chimney will fall into disrepair if neglected for too long. Quality Bear Chimney Repair is now offering their services to residents in Hartford, CT. They have years of experience and a qualified team of chimney repair experts to get the job done.

While it is possible to quickly fix a minor issue with a chimney, sometimes it’s not the best long-term solution. When you patch a spot in the chimney, it is going to be a temporary fix. Soon enough you’ll need to patch or fix it once again. These ‘quick fixes’ often end up costing you more in the end,” the manager said.

Hartford CT Chimney Repair

Your home is unique but we have seen many of the same chimney issues throughout the area,” the manager added. “The causes often vary but the damage done is similar in many cases. Our team of pros can handle the task at hand and leave your property with a sturdy, functioning chimney once again.”

Some of the chimney repair services that Quality Bear Chimney Repair offers include waterproofing service, flashing installation, cap replacement, damper replacement, flue liner installation and more. If a chimney is missing its cap, animals and rain can easily enter. In order to keep the birds and weather elements from entering, a cap should be in place.

A functioning chimney is important to avoid serious incidents and the company is ready to help. They can also help with identifying leaks in the chimney. These leaks aren’t always easily noticeable or detected but an expert can definitely help. Some signs of a leak in the chimney may include a missing cap, a damp fireplace, stains on the wall or ceiling, experiencing a musty smell after heavy rain, and even mortar joints with deterioration.

If you have any suspicions that something is wrong with your chimney, we encourage you to call us or another expert to inspect the chimney right away,” the manager said. “Newer chimneys that develop issues are often the result of poor design or craftsmanship. We can correct these problems many times without a complete replacement.”

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