Children's Chiropractic Center In Boise Helps Calm Parents’ Concerns

Essential Life Boise, a chiropractic center based in Idaho, is reaching out to parents who may be concerned about their children’s health. While some may hesitate to believe that a treatment suitable for an adult can also be used on children, the practice is quick to reassure them that only child-appropriate chiropractic treatments are carried out on young patients at their facility. However, should anyone have any further inquiries or wish to explore the subject in greater detail, Essential Life is ready and willing to share their insight.

Dr. Yvonne Aicher of Essential Life Boise is keen to inform her community that spinal issues do not occur in adults alone. Children too can suffer from back pain of one kind or another, and a few chiropractic sessions may be just what they need to get back to enjoying their childhood. For instance, many childhood spinal issues may originate at the time of the child’s birth where the spine is misaligned due to the forces it undergoes during this period. Birth, as many mothers will attest to, is tough on baby and parent alike. In this situation, the baby is extremely vulnerable, and little can be done if they need to be removed with forceps or other similarly rough means.

Dr. Yvonne Essential Life Boise Chiropractor

The use of forceps being necessary in some cases, however, does not mean this process is without drawbacks. According to Dr. Yvonne, it subjugates the baby’s neck to a great deal of weight, possibly leading to back pain later in life. Fortunately, the clinic is proud of their ability to ensure that the children they treat can grow at their body’s optimal level with a little chiropractic assistance. Young patients are even known to present with fewer ear infections following a visit to the practice.

Essential Life Boise has been changing their patients’ lives for the better for many years, and the clinic is a valued asset among local communities. While the clinic’s experts are always ready to provide answers to any questions, the best indication of their abilities may come from their patients.

For instance, one 5-Star Google review of the clinic states, “I have been very pleased with Dr. Yvonne, her staff and the treatment. I was especially nervous about having my children receive chiropractic treatment. However, after being treated myself for a while, I felt confident in Dr. Yvonne and brought all of my children in. I only wish that I had listened to my midwife's advice and brought them sooner. My baby, who had only slept through the night a handful of times by age two, was sleeping most every night after the first visit. I highly recommend Essential Life Boise.”

Among many other benefits, people appreciate chiropractic care due its drug-free, non-surgical approach to healing and wellness. By ensuring that the spine (and by extension, the spinal cord) is aligned as it should be, the connection between the brain and the rest of the body can be restored to its full potential, thereby allowing the patient to live life to its fullest as well. Since Dr. Yvonne has extensive training in pediatric chiropractic services, she is also able to bestow these advantages onto the children in her care. Being a parent herself, she is able to empathize with many concerns and help swiftly put them to rest by explaining everything she does.

A more recent review from a similarly grateful parent shares that, “Dr. Yvonne has been an absolute lifesaver for me the past two years. When I was pregnant with my son, she was the only chiropractor I could get to, and quickly! I continued to have back pain up until the day I delivered, and she helped me each time. Since having him, I have seen her on occasion and never been disappointed. Very sweet, kind and knowledgeable. I will never go anywhere else!”

Regarding current events, Dr. Yvonne acknowledges that parents are likely to lament the fact that their children have been stuck indoors for a long time — and have had to use their devices even more frequently due to the need for virtual learning. The lack of exercise this situation leads to, often combined with poor posture when their devices are in use, is sure to have many parents worried about the implications for their children’s health. In response, Dr. Yvonne reassures her community that she will continue to make herself available to help determine if any child needs the clinic’s assistance.

Visit the practice’s official website at or connect with their social media platforms for further details. Dr. Yvonne Aicher is always pleased to share insight regarding her methods and the benefits of her work with any who reach out to her as well. Similarly, those interested in scheduling their child’s first session (or setting up a consultation for themselves) are welcome to contact the representatives at Essential Life Boise to get started.


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