Childcare School in Austin Receives Another Five Star Review

Happy Bunnies Child Care School, an Oak Hill daycare school in Austin, TX, is happy to announce that they have received another five-star review on Google from a happy parent. The review came from Anushka V. who was amazed at the love and care given to her child. Magdalena MacLeod, owner of the school, truly loves children and believes that a childcare school is a second home for the kids. Therefore, she considers the children as her own, allowing them to learn through play, making them feel like they’re at home.

Anushka V., in her five-star review of the preschool, said, “My kid was loved and cared for at this day care. She hasn't cried going to day care, enjoys every day, returns home happy and learns a lot. The director is very supportive and cooperative to our needs and concerns. It is quality care at affordable price. Highly recommend for all working parents.”

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Magdalena MacLeod says, “We’re truly delighted to receive feedback from parents. That they are taking time to write a review is in itself a reward for us. I have a daughter and a son, and I know firsthand how kids can flourish in an environment filled with love. We simply consider the kids as our own children and combined with our preschool curriculum, the results are inevitable: happy kids and happy parents.”

Magdalena MacLeod, owner of the school, wants to emphasize that their preschool curriculum is not just about the child’s personal, emotional, and social development. The comprehensive program considers six distinct aspects of child care and development. These are: personal, social, and emotional development, which is where kids learn how to manage their feelings and behavior; physical development, which is about moving and handling things, health, and self-care; communication and language, which is about understanding, speaking, listening, and paying attention; math, which is about numbers, space, shapes, and measure; expressive arts and design, which is about being imaginative; and understanding the world, which is about people, technology, and communities.

For parents who are concerned about child care cost in Austin, TX, Happy Bunnies Child Care School explains the major contributors and how they are different from other daycare schools. In many preschools, the actual prices are not shown on their website. This is likely because their prices vary and depend on how much a particular parent can afford. However, at Happy Bunnies Child Care School, they believe that the fairest way is to have the same price for everyone and show the actual prices on their website.

They want to point out that a major contributor to child care cost is the teachers, which is understandable since it is vital to hire the very best teachers and train them for the kids’ education. Furthermore, it is also important to have a higher teachers ratio to kids. The State of Texas specifies a certain minimum for this ratio and many schools use that level as basis. At Happy Bunnies Child Care, the ratio is way above that minimum level. Thus, it is understandable to have higher child care costs at the top early learning centers. However, they do understand that child care cost can be a large investment for many parents, which is why they try to keep their prices affordable.

Happy Bunnies Child Care School is owned by Magdalena MacLeod, who has many years of experience in operating preschools. She started her chain of daycares in 2008 when she took over the ownership of three well-established daycare centers and preschools near London, UK. These schools had already been operating for 20 years when she took over. And it was in 2018 that she took over the preschool that is located in the Oak Hill community in the city of Austin. The former owners of the school were about to retire after operating the school since 1993, and she gladly took over.

Parents who want to learn more about Happy Bunnies Child Care School, including daycare costs in Austin, TX, can check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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