Child Custody & Parenting Time Explained By Amundson Law Office

The Eagan, Minnesota based Amundson Law Office is reaching out to share insight on the legal services they provide for child custody & parenting time. Lisa Amundson, the owner and founder of the law firm, is an experienced and effective divorce lawyer who is dedicated to helping her clients understand how the law applies to their unique situation and ensuring that they get the results they want.

Amundson says, “Divorces are hard on everybody involved. The very prospect of divorce creates an array of daunting questions and emotions. You need to consider a wide variety of factors, but more important than any other is your children’s future. As a result, details such as child custody, parenting time and visitation become serious points of contention in every divorce. They’re typically the most complex and emotionally charged issues that need to be sorted out between the two divorcing parties. At the Amundson Law Office, we understand how serious this topic is, which is why we provide a comprehensive and thorough child custody legal service.”

Lisa Amundson

According to the firm, Minnesota law states that custody issues have to be resolved in a manner that represents the best interests of the child. The ‘Best Interest of the Child’ standard is taken from section 518.17 of the 2015 Minnesota Statutes. The firm says that it is not uncommon for parents to disagree on child custody or visitation. However, while disagreement is common, it is important for both parties to understand that getting into emotionally charged arguments about what is best for the kids is typically destructive — and does not move the situation towards the best resolution.

“There are a lot of complex terms and topics surrounding child custody law,” says Amundson. “You need to be aware of the differences between terms like physical custody, legal custody, sole custody, joint custody and more. You need to understand how each of these terms applies to your situation and know which one you should pursue. We understand that not everyone is fully aware of their legal situation, but you don’t need to worry. Get in touch with us for a free consultation, and we will guide you through the whole process.”

The law firm also assures all clients that they are continuing to operate through the pandemic (with some alterations made for general safety). Phone calls and emails will be addressed as usual, however, and mediations and similar meetings will be conducted via videoconferencing through the Zoom app or other means. Courts are reducing/eliminating in-person contact but are holding hearings via videoconferencing or teleconference, and some hearings are being rescheduled.

Clients who want to know more about their hearing, have questions regarding parenting time when required to distance or wish to learn more about existing child support obligations (especially if either parent has lost their job due to COVID-19) are encouraged to get in touch with the law firm. The Amundson Law Office will try to negotiate a resolution or file a motion. This is necessary for requests for compensatory missed parenting time or to preserve a retroactive change to child support.

The practice’s dedication to the provision of excellent legal services has earned high praise from their clients. A review on the Amundson Law Office website says, “Lisa's fabulous! She's professional, knowledgeable, efficient and caring. I would never have made it through a very difficult time in my life without her help and support. I have recommended her to other friends because I have such confidence in her abilities to do a great job.”

Meanwhile, another review reports that, “I was very happy with the legal representation I received from Ms. Amundson throughout the entire divorce process. Ms. Amundson completely explained the law and the process to me in terms I could comprehend. I highly recommend Ms. Amundson and the staff at Lisa Amundson Law Office, P.A.. They really assist their clients through difficult times.”

Those who want to learn more about Amundson Law Office and their services are welcome to visit the law firm's website at the following link: They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Lisa Amundson directly via email or phone, and the Amundson Law Office can also be reached through the contact form on their website.


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