Claims They Offer The Best Fishing Reel For Bow Fishing, a website named after its founder who invented the Elite Sling Bow, claims that it is offering the highest quality fishing slingshot for bowfishing. The store’s lineup for bow fishing includes the Elite Muzzy Direct Mount, Elite Zebco Direct Mount Fishing Rig, Elite Hunting & Fishing Combo, Chief’s Night Stalker Fishing Rig, and other associated accessories.

The real Chief AJ is a towering figure in the sport of exhibition shooting. He was named in Keith Wood’s shortlist for the best exhibition shooters of all time. He is the only archer to make the shortlist, not with a rifle, shotgun, 6 shooter, or compound bow. Instead, he used a slingshot. He used his knowledge of slingshots to design the Elite Sling Bow which has now become a product of worldwide fame. continues the tradition of its eponymous founder by selling high-quality fishing reel for bow fishing. The website has a blog and news page that tracks the latest development and human interest stories surrounding bowfishing. It even has information pages about the founder and his achievements throughout his exceptional life. The site invites customer photos and videos to share their experiences with bowfishing. The website sells products in categories such as hunting, bowfishing, accessories, bb gun stocks and hoops, and books about the sports that it promotes.

The Elite Muzzy Direct Mount - The Chief Elite Slingbow comes with the Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest, the customer’s choice of power bands, and The Muzzy Direct Mount Reel. It is a radical twist on the traditional spin cast style reel. It features an integrated steel mounting bracket to reduce weight and allow one bolt mounting( wrench included ). New Spool Switch eliminates the button on the back and allows the shooter to engage free spool mode which keeps the spool open and can only be closed by flipping the switch allowing it to be shot like a drag less reel. However, with just the flip of a switch, the shooter has the drag system to fight the fish allowing for faster arrow retrieval and fewer lost opportunities. It comes with a choice of 5 different power bands.

The Elite Zebco Direct Mount Fishing Rig - comes with the Elite with Whisker Biscuit, a choice of six different Power Bands, and the AOR (arrow only rig). It also has the New Zebco Direct Mount with 200 lb. Premium Braid line. It has the Exclusive "safe to shoot" thumb button and a small window on top of the reel that is bright orange when safety is on and bright green when safety is off. It also has a weaver style rail system on the bottom so that the shooter can mount a light or laser for night time fishing. It also has a Foam EVA Knob mounted onto the Power Handle for reeling in those Big Fish. It is claimed that it is the most compact rig the Chief has ever designed. It is also a great rig for the Ladies and they can order the Power Bands that they would like. Loosen 1 bolt and the shooter can have the North American Big Game Elite that's great for hunting small or big game.

Tony Reaves, the company's owner, says, “ specializes in high-quality hunting products and offers international shipping. We want to take the involved craft of using a sling bow and simplify it as much as possible so that newcomers to the sport find it accessible. Our mission is to carry forward the legacy of the real Chief AJ and introduce an entire generation to this sport. In order to do so, we also offer other resources such as books on our website to educate potential customers.”

The website contains a lot of videos for newcomers to get acquainted with slingshot fishing. The website also has a chat option for potential customers to get more info about the sport and the company’s products. Inquiries can also be made on their phone number at (434) 572-7609.


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